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  1. the white-out works great!! I'm using this forever...easy, and removable later....
  2. Liquid Wite-out ( paper correction fluid) really works well! I used to use paint, etc. until I tried it. You wipe it in, let it dry, then wipe off excess with gun oil, works great, and can be rempoved later if you like...
  3. I know you have stated simply "Calif. does not allow detachable magazines on any semi-auto shotgun, but what about bullet buttoned shotguns? That';s how we legally have AK and AR's here in Ca. Once that is installed, the mag is no longer 'detachable" in Ca., without a tool. Would that allow 10 round drums?
  4. There's a company called "Emergency Essentials" that sells food, (up to one year family supplies at 2000 calories per person per day), water purification items, survival items, etc. Check em out...Good catalog.
  5. I tried china markers, crayon, paint pens, then found something that really worked for me. White-out! paint it on, let it dry, then wipe off excess with a bit of gun oil, it stays very well, and is easy and cheap to redo if necccessary, but I haven't had to yet...
  6. hot and dry here...

    1. 22_Shooter


      According to my phone, it was 96 degrees with a "Real Feel" of 105 degrees with the heat index, when I out of work at 6 tonight. Sure felt like it.

    2. jamesmadison


      60 and raining here. Perfect for me. I don't know how you guys live in that triple digit stuff.

  7. I agree. Did you take everything out before you installed the new TG?
  8. Solar tactical has ribbed Izzy 103 30 round rebuild kits, but their $75 each...plus shipping
  9. I'll stay and help fight the stupid laws...all my mags are legal in Cali in one way or another, and I have a maglock, and then folded length is over 30"....so, I dont have to Leave cali... And, the Sporty in my avatar is my 1975. Or stay and fight the BS! That is somthing we are doing out here, believe it or not! Oh and Icefire, what year is that old ironhead in yer pic?
  10. Here's my new Izhmash AK-103 ribbed mag....Had to post it elsewhere to get it to show up...and my folding metal forward grip...folds out of the way to reload... And my new muzzle brake....to get to legal folded length in Cali with folding stock... and my x 39 with all my mags ( a few Russian mags in there, too).. the thing dangling from the stock is my single-point sling attachment...
  11. The Triangle with the arrow in it is the Izhmash factory stamp. it means your rifle was made at the factory plant in Russia. All saigas have this stamp, other stamps on saigas are mostly importer stamps, except the caliber, and Russian inspection stamp. (Looks like a big 'c' with something in it).
  12. Yes, but nothing that cant be fixed. When I drilled the hole for my BG, I drilled it too far back as the bit slipped.I drilled a new one and they broke thru together into a 'figure 8" kinda hole that couldnt be threaded. Pix of this are in my gallery here. After panicking and believing I ruined the entire gun, I just found a machine screw that would, after filing the outside threads down slightly, fit into the hole and hold the bg in the proper place. to keep it in there, I used JB weld. I also filed it down flush on top with the contour of the BG, and filed the flat edge a bit for HP ro
  13. Basically what folks are telling you here in answer to your question is that just buying the trigger parts by themselves wont move your trigger group forward. You have to do a bit of drilling and dremelling, and replace the parts,as well as painting some. It's not hard, though, I never did one before, and finished in about an hour, mainly because I was being extra careful. Look at the 'cross-conn video first, then go to the CSS site, and look at their conversion videos. Another good one is the 'Stu-off road' conversion vid...Just google 'Saiga conversion', and many videos show up on step b
  14. CC tactical has them, as well as many other places. Copes, you just order a standard AK mag, then they have another part number for $1 that you add to your cart to make it a rebuild kit...
  15. They're the same old "bullet" mags. They dont print the bullets on them anymore. I havent tried them, but have been warned away from them by others who have....
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