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  1. I have a Tapco FCG in my .223 and I'm pretty happy with it. I have an Arsenal in my home-made AK74 Kit build, and I am also very happy with it. I guess I'll just go with whatever is cheaper at the time of sale when I buy my conversion parts.
  2. I wouldn't really call it a feature...more like an un-intended side-effect. I think what you should do is take the follower out of the mag, take a dremel or a file and give the back edge of the follower (right where the bolt hangs up on it) a nice little bevel, so the bolt will ride right over it. If done right, it shouldn't effect feeding at all, and will allow the bolt to close right after the last round is fired.
  3. I appreciate your opinions, I truly do. I feel the same way, but I already have a classic AK74 without all the AR stuff, just a plain jane '74 with a canvas sling. She's beautiful and runs like a top. While telling me "KEEP THAT AR CRAP OFF MY AK" illustrates your position on this type of thing, it doesn't really help me out with this idea. This Saiga .223 in question has already been hot-rodded with an AR mag adapter among other "tacticool" additions. So, I'm just carrying my vision for this rifle through to fruition. I want a low-profile optic centered over the bore of the rifle,
  4. Just saying, its kindof already in 3 places, the Saiga .223 section, the home page, and the "view new topic" section so if people are interested which they obviously are, they will post and it has nothing to do with where you post it at. It just gets annoying when you take the time to help someone out only to come and find that they posted two-three other of the same topics and the mods erase all the info you just typed and linked, etc. thats all. Its happened a couple times. but whatever. Not really, its not my bottle of rum. TWS has their Gen 2 cover out. I just mounted the cha
  5. Yea, maybe I should just forego all that work and potential failure and go with something thats tried and true...I do like the way it looks. Seems like its pretty well made and it has some good reviews.
  6. Thanks for the hot tip! You have any input relevant to the subject matter? I'm curious because I noticed that you read my post before and I guess it must have piqued your interest....
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm reposting this from the Tech Section because no-one reads it. I was thinking about how one would go about making a securing system for the dust cover on AK-type rifles, which would facilitate Hold-Zero for optics mounted on said secured dust cover. We've all seen the Blackthorne Products railed Dust Cover, I like the way they look (especially their "Tactical" style one). I want to think of a way to secure it (not permanently). I had an idea the other day that I may actually persue (for science)....I wanted to share it with you and get some feedback. For thos
  8. Mods, Please delete this thread, I decided to move it to the .223 section.
  9. Well, it looks like the Vodka Special is now a thing of the past. LOL, here I am thinking I got the polar opposite of a lemon... Yes, I am hooked, I was hooked the moment I bought my Saiga .223. Now I own two .223's, a 5.45, and a 12. I also started building my own AK's, I've got two '74 kits build under my belt with a soon to be completed Krink once the tax stamp comes in. The AK Platform is absolutely fantastic!
  10. I noticed the same on my new S12. With the spring in place, is the hang-up strong enough for you to leave the bolt in this out of battery position? I think it might wear in on its own over time.
  11. Well, I sure it would develop and improve over time (which I am glad for). I LOVE THIS GUN. Anyone have any experience threading? I'm considering chopping the barrel down, and then permanently affixing a polychoke so the barrels OAL is 18" CSS has the tools to do it and I'm putting an order together over there and wondering if I should get the threading die.
  12. Thanks for the reply, HOG76. I have converted Saiga rifles before, but I'm sure there isn't much difference between the two. I do fully intend on profiling the replacement hammer (whether I choose to go Arsenal or Tapco) to at or below the stock hammer (seeing as how it worked nicely). After that, I plan on getting the MD Arms rivet-on trigger guard and oversized pistol grip reinforcement plate to mate up with the MD Arms molot grip. Then, I'll get an adapter block and an ACE skeleton stock. I think I'm going to leave the stock handguard for now, it serves it's purpose. I can put
  13. Hello All! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well. I know mine did! I never thought one could get so tired from eating! Anyways...here's the scoop. My wife purchased a S12 for me from Classicarms (Gasp!) back in March which was then held in escrow by until my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was one of the cross-thatched importer mark 4-port guns that people were talking about during that whole "Impending ATFE Importation Ban" business. So, I brought it out to the range, gave the bolt a quick lube, hand cycled the action a few times and loaded up some 00 buckshot (I saw
  14. If it helps, I ordered my unconverted S12 through them about 4 months ago, no hiccups. See if they'll sell you an unconverted one and do it yourself (you'll appreciate it more).
  15. Hey Guys, This looks awesome! I'd love to strap that to my S12. You guys had me sold on the Autoplug...
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