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  1. india2/3

    New Saiga 12 Owner: Post Duracoating

    looks good. did you have to sand or prime anything? new dura-coat thread????
  2. india2/3

    how do i polish the bolt?

    NEW PROJECT! nicely done sir, nicely done .
  3. I'm not opposed to doing a little more work to it myself, strange enough I was aware of most of the problems that siaga12s have and that's part of the reason I picked one up. I knew it would be a project gun, since it seems that all the problems seem rather simple enough to DIY. Is there another source that would be helpful in removing the barrrell and drilling two more ports? Preferebly with pictures (give me a break, I was a Marine!)
  4. Wolverine, Should I take that as a don't even bother?! I successfully did the trigger job on my own, is it much more technical than that? Definitely good link Thanks again
  5. well, bad news. looks like I found the dreaded one port in mine! I was having FTE with federal bulk about every third or so. I've been searching this forum for the past couple days for a good how to in removing and drilling the ports but coming up empty. anyone know the key words I should be typing in the search bar? Thanks