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  1. Here's the latest S12 build from Polymer Grip Profiling and Patterson Weaponry. Components include; Talon breaching standoff permanently attached to shortened and recrowned barrel to 18 1/4" finished length, Hk front sight, UTG quadrail, fabricated Galil Micro style charging handle and Galil style magazine release, Tapco G2 FCG, Hk rear sight, Hogue pistol grip, MAA stock adapter, ACE Ltd. push button folding mechanisim and pignose, Enidine recoil reduction, Mag Pul CTR stock. Finished in Cerakote Graphite Black(baked on). Thanks for looking
  2. What can I expect to pay for an adjustable sight vent rib and factory gasblock if I can find someone who would be willing to trade my plain gas block and boot money for their gas block and rib? I've looked at this set up and believe it would be better to use the gas block that came with the vent rib than try to fab a vent rib to a standard gas block. Anyone have any feedback? Thanks, Paul
  3. Thanks for the replies. The vents of this customers shotgun are factory size. The customer was doing an unintentional torture test by not cleaning his S12. I have no idea how many rounds he put through this thing without cleaning. I had to literally use a long wood dowel and nylon mallet to knock the puck out of the gas block. The gas block had much "plead" (mixture of plastic wadding and lead). Left unattended to this could have been very dangerous. Yes, I saw the crack in the piston, I tried to take the picture so it would show up. By the way, this is a Tapco SS piston. Paul
  4. Anyone know where I can get a factory puck and a factory piston? Thanks, Paul
  5. I guess you just answered my original question "How many grains does it take to scramble a brain?"!
  6. I wasn't going to post this becdause I figured there would be some disbelief, but decided so what. Someone might benefit from the info and that is something no one can own or should keep to themselves. It's called transparency and freedom of information. Anyway, yesterday I went to the Tac Pro Shooting Center at Mingus, Texas about an hour away from me and tried out some of the Hornady TAP LE .308 110gr. "Urban" load. I read an article in a Shotgun News by Peter Kokalis covering the DSA SA58 carbine. With a really high end scope they were able to milk a .3 moa group out of this fine rifle at 1
  7. Awesome muzzle brake! Looks like a totally different rifle with the conversion. I know your proud of that.
  8. With the adjustable cheek piece on the PRS stock they will work out fine.I just started sighting them in when it was time for the range to close. I'm going back soon so I'll give you an update. Thanks for the compliment. Paul
  9. Thanks guy for all the input. I'll probably call RSA and see what they can tell me. If they don't know, I'm bettin their regular AK one will go in without mods like my generic G2 did. Thanks again, Paul G. Peek
  10. RSA list them at about $70. Thanks again, Paul
  11. I have a generic Tapco G2 in my Saiga 308. I can't imagine why their adjustable one would not. I don't mind tinkering with stuff. Thanks for the reply, Paul G. Peek
  12. Has anyone had any luck with the Power Custom or JARD triggers available for the AK's? Thanks in advance, Paul G. Peek
  13. Very Very nice.....Now thats my type of S308.... Thank you sir! After I shot it in a little with some Wolf I shot 3 groups with Federal Premium Match Grade ammo 168 gr. BTHP at 100 hards. The best group was 1 1/6" center to center. The tight group surprised me since I didn't know these beast could shoot that well. I think that could be improved with an adjustable trigger. Thanks again, Paul G. Peek
  14. Here's my Saiga .308 for your viewing pleasure. These pics are 1280X960 so there is lots of detail if you save and zoom. Mike Patterson's signature dustcover ears. He did all the tig work and is new to this forum so let's give him a welcome here. Factory rear sight opening tigged closed and finished. 1913 Picatinny rail, custom Weaver mounts for back-up sights, CAA modular pistol grip with target palm shelf, Magpul PRS butt stock, MBUS, Ace folding mechanisim, Mississippi Auto Arms receiver block/stock adapter, Harris bipod, barrel shortened to 21" with 11 degree target crown, Galil sniper muz
  15. Hello, A friend of mine saw a Saiga 12 I built and sold at a gunshow. A friend of his wanted one so my friend told his friend he should let me build him one. He furnished the new Saiga and I built it like the owner wanted. I made suggestions and so did my friend that got me the gig. The owner dropped some coin on this build and I thought I'd submit it for your consideration. Let's start at the muzzle and work our way to the butt. Surfire "Boss" breaching standoff welded to shortened and crowned barrel(18 1/4" finished length). H&K front sight welded to gas block with Tritium vial Devconed
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