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  1. went with bbq paint ,came out pretty decent
  2. i have used that duplicolor on jetski engine and i was not impressed at all by it, goes on thin and scratches very easily.
  3. what kind of paints for the reciever have you guys used when you do your conversions. something a little chemical resistant and or wear resistant.
  4. so i live in texas not kalifornia and will be using 10 round magazies, can i put the tapco intrafuse stock with the pistol grip on a unconverted saiga and not have to worry about the silly 922r compliance bs? i dont want to do a conversion yet but the stock is too long for me as it is.
  5. do you guys have a cheekrest piece on your tapco stocks , seems like that might help. called caa and thier cheek piece will fit on a tapco collapsible stock. any opinions on the tapco stocks?
  6. hi i have a saiga 223 with a utg sidemount low rail with a scope. i really want the tapco intrafues stock on it but im worried that the stock will be to low to use with a scope. also is the grip with the tapco so close to the trigger that your trigger finger wraps to far around it
  7. i just purchase my 20" from armsofamerica and it has the dimpled reciever and got it for a smokn deal too!
  8. i was actually thinking the same thing , we need someone to try it. it looks like it should have a bullet guide there any way , not much of a feed ramp at all unlike other rifles
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