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  1. Holy crap, didn't check in for a while and I'm kinda surprised people are still talking about the two rifles. To bring a little update, the top rifle got stripped of the bi pod and the scope. Since the scope was originally designed for the PSL rails, the thing tends to slide off once in a while no matter how tight you get that screw. The Tantel is still kicking and well, except the gas piston got lumps of crap on it. And yes, though not a true sniper rifle, the accuracy of the thing was remarkable no doubt. Thanks everyone for chiming in!
  2. I ordered one from CSS a little while ago and had to do some grinding before it fit my 5.45. Nothing too serious, just be ready for that just in case.
  3. Finally got around to posting updated photos. Sorry for the quality but here you go; these will be our final setups.
  4. Ever since this thread was started, a couple of things have changed: The upper received an AKMN flash hider. The lower got a standard '74 upper hand guard and changed the ropes on the stock. I think they'll stay that was for a while now as we're both pleased with the results. Pictures will follow later this week. Thanks everyone for the input thus far!
  5. Alright, we've made a bit of changes to our configurations, so I'll post up the pics when I get around to it.
  6. aagalkin

    Drum Mag

    Why a drum when there are prototypes of the quad stack? Good luck getting your hands on one though.
  7. The whole idea behind using the Saiga gas tube was for it to have a look like it was literally pieced together. The Tantal also has a posp scope but I forgot to add it in the picture. Once I get around to it, I'll post it.
  8. Maybe it's not the best one out there, but certainly it beats the 74 stock I believe.
  9. So we've been arguing over who has a nicer looking rifle and finally decided to let you guys put this to an end. Let's hear your opinions!
  10. So here is mine (top) and a buddy's build which to me looks like it was built in a Taliban cave. I've only left to add a decent flash hider on mine; waiting on the AKMN FH. And on the right are my girls =). Enjoy.
  11. I'd suggest shooting 74 mags without one first. My 5.45 went through 700+ rounds without a single jam using the Bulgarian polymer mag.
  12. Ok thanks for the information; will steer clear of the Krink. Now back to block one... finding a decent flash hider.
  13. To make sure we're on the same page, you're saying that these holes do nothing? New Bitmap Image (2).bmp
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