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  1. I got 2 galil mags at a gunshow to see if they'd work in my Saiga 223 but they dont, the bolt wont strip them from the mag into battery. They sit too low it what it looks like. Wtf. I know this is a Vepr thread but I thoguht peopel were using galil mags in saigas. They don't sit too low in Veprs then?
  2. I remember other people that weren't me making small thermobaric "fireworks" in the backyard. They consisted of an atomized particle explosion timed by a second charge which shoved the initial pressure wave outward. A very small one was enough to blow the camera over and knock down stuff a couple yards away.
  3. LOL. I kept mine and it's still my favorite caliber. There's always tins and loose boxes of 5,45 at my local gunshows but I'm in a very populated area. I somewhat recently just got a bunch of brass cased Hornady for cheap too. You're not the only one. I have more faith in Trump adn that's WITH the import tarifs LOL. He should relax all tarifs except Russian ammunition (unless it prompts US manufacturers to start producing).
  4. Looks engineered well. Pretty cool. Now make me a 20mm one and I'll buy it ;-)
  5. I was just thinking the same thing about a Bulgarian one.
  6. Can you weld it? If someone put the mag adapter thing on then they have ground away a portion of the trunnion and they probably fuck'd it up or bubba'd it. To get it out and put a new one in you have to get the rivets out, barrel pin, and take the shit apart out of the receiver. If you are new to this then don't even attempt it. If you have the tools and know-how go for it.
  7. Nothing fancy. Beryl stock and dogleg top cover. I think I welded the trigger guard on also lol. Homemade front-sight/gasblock. I just use galil mags.
  8. I'm presupposing the same thing - replay of the 2000 election. Trump will get popular votes but Killary will get the delegates. Or, the power goes out nationwide.... Whoever wins I think it's fine. Trump wins and we get a wall of casinos. Bitchface wins and we get an implosion that finally wakes up most everybody, and my pile of guns also geso sky-high in blackmarket value.
  9. Yea but it's fuckn hilarious watching Trump make all the libs squirm and the republicant party freak out. I hope the whole party falls apart completely and an actual real conservative one emerges.
  10. Don't bother. You won't get your adapter. Apparently they don't ship them to you and don't have any way to contact them either.
  11. How long does it take for Canis to ship these cause I got mine ordered in June and now it's Oct.... They don't like to answer emails either and have no phone number so......
  12. Sweet. Maybe sometime before I fuckn die I'll actually get my adapter I ordered in June.
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