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  1. Ive having a problem with my Saiga 12. I first did my conversion and the gun worked flawless. The trigger is a Tapco G2. Well this weekend I took it out to find that at times it would not fire. The shell was marked but it was like the firing pin wasnt hitting hard enough. Also I would have to push the trigger forward after each round was fired when it did work. I then could fire the trigger. Any ideas?
  2. Well Im not sold on selling it just yet. Thats why I made this post because if I cant get enough for it its not going anywhere. Either way thanks guys.
  3. Please familiarize yourself with the forum guidelines, particularly 1.B NO FISHING FOR VALUES OR PRICE QUOTES IF YOU ARE NOT A CONTRIBUTOR... Please do not mention or start threads saying that you "thinking about selling" unless you are a member of he "Contributors" group as DOING THIS IN A PUBLIC FORUM WELL BE CONSIDERED AS ADVERTISING OR POSTING AN AD. Thank you!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD2QD1ZH8w4
  5. I might be secure enough for most stocks, but the PRS is a friggin' beast heft-wise! When the recoil kicks it back, it just wants to pop that thing out. What made it come out a few mm for me, was probably when I dumped a mag off the hip at the end of my shooting session. As I mentioned, I really tightened the hell out of everything and did use LocTite. Doesn't seem to be enough, at least not for off the hip shooting. Well, there is one way I could get in on tighter... The way that the MD Arms Molot grip is designed, the screw head starts going right through the plastic base on the bottom if you screw it in too tight. I've ruined the plastic base on one of them before, by tightening the screw until it went all the way through the plastic! LOL. Mike was nice enough to send me another base. I am thinking that, in this case, if I used some kind of a spacer/washer, to more evenly distribute the pressure on that plastic base, I could get the grip screw tighter, without going through the base. Yeah, the top screw alone is definitely not enough, especially considering how it goes through that free-floating washer, instead of a tapped hole. The JB Weld solution is a bit too messy and permanent for my tastes. I would rather just drill a couple of holes on the side of the receiver here. I think that's what I am going to do here, once my buddy with a drill press gets back in town. By the way, I considered a folding mechanism, but decided against it. It adds another point of failure for the PRS' heft to work its "magic" on, while it swings on there. Plus, I plan on always keeping something attached to the optics side mount, preventing the stock from folding all the way. I actually just went ahead and ordered this part: http://www.mississip...tock-p-814.html You know, I am having regrets about cutting that tang. I kind of wish I just kept that Choate drag stock on there. Without the tang, I also lost the option of using a Beryl mount in the future. As far as external blocks, I have one built into my K-Var triangle folder that's on my SGL21. That stock actually ends up being the perfect length for me and offers good ergonomics and cheek-weld. The only problem I have with it is the "looks". The external block definitely made the PRS sit too far back though, but then again, it could only be because my PRS is the AR10 version, with the cheek rest sitting further back... I used this block and have put about 900 rounds down range with it. I did sink a screw through the block to the buffer tube to make sure it didnt twist or move. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002TUSJZM/ref=oss_product
  6. I just ordered a new mount today. The gun seems to be off from time to time and Im pretty sure its that mount. I understand people wanting to make sure someone is safe but they should also use commonsense. Of all the places I put the video I wasnt shocked to see the comments on this of all places. I hope to get some grouping shots next weekend with a new mount and decent ammo.
  7. If so can you post a pic and tell me if it make the gun louder?
  8. Yeah I was trying to show you guys some fun. Ill tell you this much, THIS GUN rocks. I own every gun on that table plus some and Ill tell ya right now I'd rather shoot that the Saiga 308 over any of them. I cant tell you how many people came over to the table today to see what I was shooting. I dont know what it is but, it doesnt have much recoil and rocks the whole place. I was shooting at 300 yards today and when I would hit the clay pigeon on the rock it would leave a bunch of smoke. My buddy was sitting beside me at the table with a spotting scope and said he could feel the recoil is his whole body! My Tikka and AR's are no where near this! Shes not the best looking girl at the dance but man can she PARTY! WOOOHOOOOO SHES A KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. Its called zoom, hes not close the gun at all. If its wasnt on zoom he would be steeping on the other gun,lol. Why is it the gun police always have to chime in. Go out shoot your gun and have fun.
  10. Thought I would video a cycle of ten through her today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD2QD1ZH8w4
  11. On a AK74? http://akpartskits.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_12&products_id=52&zenid=7ff7a43adffc514f4b4943d6b4005514 If not do you guys know what will? Thanks again
  12. Unreal Im a dummy! It took all of about one minute. Thanks again guys!
  13. Twist it out. it's better if you hold it wit a vise. So twist it? That wont mess up the groves? Thats for helping. Its all I have left of this conversion and Im itchin to get it done,lol
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