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  1. has anyone had exp. with these scopes they are a bdc scope for the 223 thinking of getting one since they are around 120 bucks for a 3-9x40 but dont know much about barska or the scope so any help would be great
  2. american eagle tactical 6-7 dollars a box
  3. sndman762

    pso scopes

    i looking into getting one of the pso scopes a buddy of mine has a 6powered one never been used for a 100 bucks my question is how high do they sit on the ak cause all the pics i have seen they look like the set high
  4. i shoot american eagle tactical 55gr fmj they shoot almost hole in hole at 50yds
  5. it may run great by it doesnt shoot great in mine
  6. well i shot the rifle today and everything i shot shot good at 25yds but when i moved it out to 50 the only ammo that shot good was american eagle tactical 55gr fmj almost hole and hole
  7. i was thinking of the normal sling i could thread through the loops
  8. i think im going to keep everything stock on this one was wondering what type of sling should i use with the stock swivels
  9. no i dont all i have is a phone camera and it doesnt connect to the net but i can tell u that i lines up with the bore of rifle and sits almost on top of the dust cover
  10. sndman762


    i like the gun the way it is so ill probally just put some new swivels in it and maybe a trigger, how easy is it to put a trigger in it, i see alot of (drop in) ones but are the really drop ins
  11. sndman762


    is there any stocks for the saiga that dont require moving the trigger group
  12. i have a stock saiga and i dont like the sling swivels that come with it is there normal swivels i can put in there or am i stuck with them till i get a different stock for it, also i want to put a pistol grip on the stock it came with is that possible or again do i have to get a different stock
  13. so when u clean the tube with hoppes #9 how do you get a patch in there to clean the hoppes out or do you just go over it with the oil i have butches bore shine to clean all my guns but i dont have a patch big enough to remove the shine from the tube so thats why i used the gun scrubber i just sprayed it in there let it set then i took a 12ga brush swipped it out a couple times then put some clp on a bore mop and ran it through a couple of times
  14. do any of u guys use gun scruber the sell it at walmart i got a can to clean out the gas tube looks like it worked then i oiled a 12gauge mop and ran it through a couple times with clp on it
  15. this is the mount i got and it works great lines up over the bore has a locking nut with a little nub it sits in so it doesn't move and the scope doesnt lose zero when u take it off, i didn't notice the little nub before but i dont have to use loctite now
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