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  1. Thanks for the complements! I was going to trade it for an AR...but hey...now I have the best of both worlds! I removed the crappy Arsenal finish and applied ace brand epoxy enamel. It took a while to dry, but looks great imho.
  2. I ordered a Renegadebuck adapter a couple weeks ago and finally got it installed... I knew that this adapter was built with the saiga .223 in mind for form and fit, but I needed to fit it to my SLR-106fr... well...it freakin' works like a champ. Solid construction, tight fit and runs like a raped ape with AR mags! Some people will crack on me for modifying a high-end AK like the 106, but hey...it's my gun and I love it!!! THANKS to RENEGADEBUCK!!!!!! FINE WORK!!!!
  3. is the t6 still available? If so, I'll take it!! PM SENT!
  4. It might help to roll the rounds in the mag to the side when you load them...if that makes sense.
  5. I have the century version and I LOVE it. Found out that the tapco SKS yugo look-a-like muzzle break fits like a glove with the 14x1RH threads. Accurate, light and a damn fine shooter!
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