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  1. Awesome! Thanks guys! I'm switching my 22" 308 back to original configuration from bullpup and the last thing I need is a gas tube...
  2. I've been looking around and everyone seems to be sold out. I'm looking for a vented AK gas tube. If anyone knows where to find one or has an extra one laying around, please let me know.
  3. I'd love to hear the recipe! We can't keep silvers here... only King. These are just early season little guppies. The grade will improve as the season progresses. This year is supposed to have a higher percentage of 4-5 year old behemoths, but not quite as high of total numbers as last season. For being early season, there sure were a LOT of limits being caught before noon. Most between 10 and 20 lbs. We should see some 30+ pounders here pretty soon! My favorite way to prepare them is straight raw cuts with a little bit of soy sauce or Cooked slowly in a covered pan, skin down, with a lit
  4. Oh yeah! I'll probably share these split up in fillets. Theres still plenty of season to go out for more to smoke up!
  5. I went out Salmon fishing for the first time this season with a few coworkers today. We went out at the ass crack of dawn and trolled around for a while with one nice fish and then a while of nothing... after about an hour and a half more of trolling, we finally got into em and limited out pretty quickly. We hooked into about 15-17 total but had a few shake off the hook right at the boat (I landed all my fish with out losing one ) We ended up having 2 older rods break and our landing net broke on the last double hook up pulling in both at the same time! All in all it was a great fishing trip!
  6. I'll take the tapco warsaw length buttstock if still available. PM me where to send MO please.
  7. So I went out turkey hunting again with my Saiga 12 up here in Northern California. My hunting buddy and I had a blast! We went out the afternoon/evening before our hunt and scouted for some gobblers. We called for a little bit and talked for a while with a few Toms and Jakes and then headed back to camp when we were sure we were close to their roosts. We camoed up and went out early the next morning and set up a few decoys and called for about 2-2.5 hours before we literally were surrounded by turkeys lookin for love. We heard 2 gobbling back from up the hill and 2 from down the hill. I spott
  8. Went out to the river bar today to get sighted in for turkey season next weekend! All set for anything out to 50+ yards.
  9. I brought mine to the trap and skeet club for a work "employee appreciation" party and was murdering the clays with it. The range master was surprised i was even hitting the clays because of the "rifle sights". I told him a good enough shooter doesnt even need the sights. I run a 6" barrel extension that uses rem chokes. I cant wait for turkey season in a few weeks! Look for the pics when I get back from the hunt!
  10. Pretty funny. Im surprised he didnt get smashed in the face with a golf club though...
  11. The Mossberg MVP is chambered in 5.56 and takes a standard steel AR15 magazine. I wonder if the new quad stack 60 and 100 rd mags would work with it... Anyone here own one that can chime in?
  12. While this may be true, how is it relevant to the OP? Just curious....
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