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  1. You know it's kinda sad if that's a personal attack, did I mention a mask or a ninja? No I just gave my input.
  2. Well for those of us who aren't super badasses like you, simply shooting center mass until the threat stops is a better idea. And also easier to defend in court. Hey man, hey... Dad drilled in into me, also it helps that I carry a custom pistol.
  3. Two to heart(CNS) one to head, rinse and repeat...
  4. I have two midwest industries quad rail lightly used, didn't like how it mounted the aimpoint and the weight $106 shipped USPS Money order Or Paypal $106+3% or Paypal gift One is Sold pending Funds
  5. I have always found it so funny, I have set off my house alarm a couple different times and even set off the panic on the house and each time it's about 20-45 minutes for daytona beach to show up usually I get daytona beach shores in 10, so I guess I am partly lucky.
  6. I have a couple md arms drums left after I got rid of my last saiga 12. $180 for the pair + shipping & +3% paypal fee or usps money order
  7. I love the design, but I am curious will the ak Titan co witness a h-1 / t-1 aim point?
  8. Nightforce direct mount 1-Piece 20 MOA Scope Base with Integral Medium 30mm Rings Remington 700 Short Action Matte $120 shipped Bushnell Elite Tactical Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 6-24x 50mm Side Focus Mil-Dot Reticle Matte (ET6245) Comes with: butler creek slip up caps, sun shade, and anti reflective device. $620 shipped USPS money order only!
  9. Anyone know what the overall length on a 16" ak with the archer collapsible stock fully closed is?
  10. You know it was a good idea until I saw no property taxes, that's gonna end so well...
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