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  1. See I knew there was a good reason I was waiting till after new years to come see ya bro. Yay for extra beer money!
  2. its a load assist. basicly you push it in and slide it down. it supposedly lets you load easier by taking some tension of the top. my father in law has one and personally i dont notice much difference either way. Thank you very much. I didn't notice any diffrence either and figured it served a more usefull purpose.
  3. Hey guys, I have a promag 20rd drum and have a question. Probly pretty silly at that, but here it is. What is the lever on the back for?
  4. My Saiga12 didn't nessasarly replace another firearm per-se. It did replace my burning disire to own a AA12 the ultimate shotgun. Since the AA12 is for military or LEO the Saig12 is as close as I'll ever get to being able to own a AA12. And with some of the conversions I have been cooking up for my S12 I feel satisfied the S12 will fill the disire to own a AA12 just fine. After fully converting my S12 I am hopeing it will be my new favorite firearm wich is currently held by my Savage arms 7mm rem mag.
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome. I am not very pc savvy at all so it might take me a bit to figue out how to put up pics but I will. I typed in "BHO" in the search but it didn't find anything. I am a bit confused about it of all my firearms I've never had one where the bolt doesn't stay open when its emptyed. So if I understand what I have read correctly it seems as if people are modifying their safty as a BHO? And another thing is the gas-plug/regulator thing, I would need to get that aswell with my conversion parts? Thanks alot muchly appretiated.
  6. Hello to everyone, I recently bought me a S12 and do not like the "sporting" conf. that it comes in standard. xD I also wanted to thank everyone on this forum for all the mass amounts of sheer info you have provided. Great job guys, I knew practically nothing about Saiga's until stumbling across this forum. I still have so much to learn aswell and decided to make an account, so that if and when I have questions I know they will be answered. I have also been wanting to convert or modify(not sure correct term here) to get rid of the "sporting" conf. as I have seen some absolutly beautiful work
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