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  1. Give me a break, it was three years ago. I am glad to see that prices have fallen, that MD has a working DS design, and that the Saiga is a lot more popular than a lot of people ever thought it would be.
  2. I've said before that the Saiga made me reevaluate the utility of a .410 for defense. Yes, it gives the greatest advantages to smaller, weaker people who can't handle the weight and recoil of a 12 gauge, but even for big, young guys like me, 15 rounds of 000 with very low recoil looks like a good package to me. Ammo cost is the biggest thing against it, with good 12 gauge buckshot available at $125 a flat and .410 birdshot at over $90 a flat. But in terms of performance, I don't think .410 buck is really outclassed by bigger gagues when you balance the pros and cons. .410 slug are wort
  3. To clarify, the NobelSport rounds I have used with success are the 3" 11/16 ounce #6 loads. I have not used their buckshot. Also, the OAL for the Centurion ammo is about 3/16" too long to fit in the Surefire Magazines. Have not dug up one of the factory 4s to try, but am told they will fit.
  4. Scott, you are thinking of Alliance, aka "They whose name shall not be spoken." Forum Gods have mercy; I did not want Arsenal to be slandered by association with the Wraithmaker.
  5. I have shot 250 rounds of Nobel Sport through my Saiga .410s with no issues. Saying that Italian shotgun shells are all junk because you had a bad experience is like saying that American handguns are all junk because Jennings is made here. That said, I was disappointed to see that the Centurion .410 (which I ordered a case of while deployed) will not work in my .410s. I will give it a try anyhow, but I don't doubt the problems. I hope it was a bad lot and that Centurion will get it right, but I am not convinced that is the case. If not, it looks like my Pardner now has a lifetime suppl
  6. That is what I am inclined to believe. We'll see how things go, but if they go well, I can see ordering a few more cases.
  7. I bought a Galil from Elite when he was one of the only guys in the game. I have not gone out of my way to bash the guy, but my experience with Elite was only good in one way: the rifle I got is very nice. That said, I should not have to return a $1300 rifle due to major finish flaws and I certainly should not have to wait eight or more months--and make many, many phone calls-- to get that rifle back. The guy has good gunsmithing skills but horrible customer relations.
  8. Thanks to Uncle Sam, I have a nice IIA vest with top notch rifle plates front and rear. I got sideplates and stuff for my arms, too. The girlfriend is going to be stuck with a IIIa vest, though.
  9. I recently found some Centurion .410 ammo for sale online, but have no experience with it. It is 3" and is loaded with four .400" lead balls, which I estimate must be upwards of 90 grains a piece. The site said the rim was too thick for use with Judges because the rim was of a thicker European spec, but I figured it should work with the Saiga, and with 350+ grains of projectile, it should have plenty of juice ot cycle reliably. I ordered some to try it out, but it will be a year or so until I can thanks to my current deployment to the Iraq. I was going to wait, but it was cheaper than most
  10. Probably not friendly with any existing magwells, at least not without some modification .
  11. Literally LOL. My girlfriend looked at me funny. I was actually pretty stoked about the redesign but that video about ruined it for me.
  12. When I look back at my original post, it is crazy to see just how far "we" have come. Now, with Surefire and ProMag offerings in addition to the original AGP sticks and MD drum, there is more competition to be had and, predictably, prices have fallen dramatically. The Chaos stick and drum will be a welcome addition as well. While Mike's DS mags will definitely be a unique player and will be well worth "upgrading" to, I think there are legitimate arguments to be made for most all of the options out there. I still use five round mags for slugs, and with quality 10 round mags down to the low
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