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  1. Due to the recent laws I will never bring my Saiga anywhere near NY. Old school Mossberg it is. I feel for you guys I'm in MD and we are currently under the same pressure.
  2. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    Yeah my 410 had the side rail mount but my saiga 12 for some reason never came with one. So unfortunately I had to spend a bit bit more on mounting options.
  3. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    Thanks for the heads up. They had the rail for $95 w/ $7 shipping so I ordered one. Can't wait to try her out. Thanks again gents.
  4. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    All right, you can work without that.. Ultimak. They are much lighter than Chaos rails and cheaper. But there's a lot of heat so get a good red dot or plenty of them. The chaos extended kit is now the same price as the ultimak and has more flexibility. A little more than I need but more flexibility for future projects.
  5. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    I'm almost ready to get the choas rail. Its almost 50%off. I also have the options of later updating the sights to the HK style and possibly co-witnessing. I don't need all the rails but I can just put Flat Dark Earth covers on them and it would go good with my duracoated S12.
  6. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    Can't use those. I don't have the side scope mount rail.
  7. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    That is definitely the option I am considering. I seen the Choas is 50% off and that supports a US business. I was hoping to do this around $40 but this saiga has no side mount.
  8. Guys Just an update, I finally did the conversion with that stock. It came out great just want to try out the new configuration at the range first. I might post pics soon. Mine is hunter friendly I have the cobra choke adapter so I can can chokes for different hunting.
  9. C-Par

    Help me select a Red Dot mount

    Well I finally did my conversion and I will probably post pics soon. It is a yankee legal convesion that I did and the gun was painted in FDE. Well I got a Bushnell TRS-25 I would like to mount. Yeah I would like an Aimpoint but this will do for now. Being stupid an used to my old 410 I ordered a UTG mount, but then realized wait a sec, where is my scope mount? Can't believe I never noticed the differences. I was thinking of the CSS mount that replaces the rear sight but I am wondering if special tooling is needed. What do you guys recommend for a good mount for the Bushnell TRS-25. I'm not sure if I trust the zero of something mounted on the dust cover and I don't feel like the hassle of installing a side mount. 2 of my top rail options for around $70 seem to be sold out. I would like something not too expensive but easy to install. Thanks guys.
  10. C-Par

    S12 Conversion Complete

    I'm getting ready for a very similar project. is this the correct screw? http://www.amazon.com/Tapco-Ak-Grip-Screw-Bushing/dp/B0047T8G4C/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_1_dp Also does anyone know if the stock is made in the US?
  11. I got a Big thumb, LOL. Good deals in the classified sections.
  12. Is this stock considered a Thumbhole stock in NY. The main reason for my conversion would be to have a better trigger group.
  13. Sending a PM about the Stock. Any left?
  14. Yeah I see what you mean, right now I'm in the sporting mode. I's like to put a rail system on it and a red dot. If I keep it that way I'm good. So I am guessing you are not allowed to hunt deer with an AR, even if you have a low capacity mag. Upstate NY is so different than the city, too bad the city runs the state. I've seen some post with a skeleton stock that some of you claim to by NY legal. If it is all one solid piece is that considered a pistol grip? If I use that I should be good right?
  15. That is retarded. Even in sporting config you break the rules do to detachable magazines. I see a grey area. I see normal shotguns now with a pistol grip. Also is a tube extender a magazine? For example the ones use in 3 gun. Those can work on many so called legal semi auto shotguns. The shape should not matter, the pistol grip thing is stupid. This gun is a sport shotgun and changing the ergos should not be a big deal. I thought it would be cool to show them a Saiga converted to a turkey gun. I'd love to say I got a turkey with it.