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  1. Well, it all depends in how much you would want to charge for the pins . If it is reasonable , I will most likely order one .
  2. PM coming your way . Disregard the first one .
  3. Well, I received both firing pins today , the PSL and the Saiga`s 5.45x39 replacement pin . Man , the PSL firing pin is huge ... I mean , huge compared to the 5.45x39.5 pin . It is twice as thick and twice the wide and way longer than the puny 5.45x39.5 pin ... it is really a monster !!! In any case , I now have replacements for both rifles for little money . Since the situation on the country keeps getting uncertain to put it mildly , I wanted to get spares for the pins .
  4. Well, I ordered one russian AK-74 firing pin . I will keep it as a replacement spare in case of a problem if ever , just in case. Cost me $10.00 plus $5.00 S/H ... it is not too bad . I think that fabricating and adding a small plate of sorts to retain the original spring and with the guidance of the original is not going to be that difficult , but I will do that only if my original Saiga firing pin break down , so , in the mean time and since it will work just like that I will keep it as a spare. And while looking for this AK74 firing pin on APEX , I found that they have in stock sta
  5. mancat , I am amazed at the deep knowledge that you have on the AK platform . We here at this forum are lucky to have someone like you that can descipher these problems . Thanks so much for your precise and correct advices ... thanks again .
  6. What about the russian firing pins for AK-74 ? will they work ? Apex doesn`t have AK-74 firing pins , only AK-47 pins but I found 1 russian 74 firing pin available elsewhere . Apex also have bulgarian complete AK-74 bolts , have no idea if they would work on Saigas .223 , so they have them perhaps for someone who needs the whole thing , but I am only interested on the pin .
  7. mancat , K-var sells two AK-74 firing pin types , a romanian (AK-178) and a german (AK-178EG) if you let me know which is the one I need , or if I can use any of the two , I will order it . Thanks
  8. mancat , you are saying that a regular AK74 firing pin will work on my Saiga bolt , but I will lose the spring function ? great . Now , is there any way that you can think of to modify it to accept the spring ? K-Var is selling ak74 firing pins ... can it be one of those ? thanks
  9. I had the barrel threaded (it is a .591 with 20 inches long) and bought and Installed a genuine german AK-74 zig-zag brake (14 to 1 LH) . I had to purchase the 24mm adaptor for the brake also , but the brake is beautiful and the finish is incredible . I like it very much . I did it because I wanted the 74 brake but you can perfectly well go with a 1 to 15 RH brake .
  10. Well , in the mean time I better treat my firing pin very gently and with care just in case because it would have to last me a long time
  11. Wouldn`t a bulgarian 5.56 firing pin be better ? K-var have them ... I would assume that the bulgarian 5.56 will be better suited that the 5.45 but it is only an assumption of mine .
  12. The only possible thing I cut worry about , it is in getting a firing pin replacement for my Saiga . Any ideas as to how would I proceed to get a spare one ? thanks
  13. Well, I ordered those for my AR-15 mags . For that , they work great . Then , I tried to insert 4 SGMs on them and it is too tight , so no good at all .Went back online and I found a romanian AK pouch that has a sling so it can be hanged on a shoulder and it holds 6 SGMs mags perfectly . It also holds the same amount of mags for my VZ-58 , so I got it for $ 15.00 including S/H . Now I can either use it for the VZ-58 or for the Saiga and since the Molle pouch is for my AR-15 Magpuls , I am now done .
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