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  1. Is that welded onto something (the rear trunnion maybe)? How does that attach to the stock? I'm thinking that must have some functional purpose. I'd prefer to leave mine on and use the CNC adapter.
  2. Anybody have a photo of the S12 tang everybody keeps talking about having to cut off?
  3. Do you know who the importer was for these?
  4. I would like a free conversion. I am tending sick little ones this 4th of July.
  5. Does anyone know of a dealer that has one in stock? How do I make sure I am getting the heavy barrel version? Anybody have the model number for the heavy barrel 5.45?
  6. I want something strong that can be dropped, fire heavy slug/buckshot loads, etc., without issue. I'm thinking of the StormWerks hinge with Tromix's new aluminum stock. Since that particular stock has not yet been released, how durable is the StormWerks hinge?
  7. beachman

    Gas ports

    I think I have a problem, because now I really want to take the whole thing apart, as was suggested above. I'm good with tools, just new to this platform. I want to convert it myself, and learn about this platform inside and out. I don't like sending things out. I like to know how things work.
  8. beachman

    Gas ports

    Where is the manufacture date? is it in with the paperwork in the box?
  9. beachman

    Gas ports

    Thank you, I appreciate it. I'm curious to know if it has 3 or 4 holes. I'm going to get one of those dental mirrors from Harbor Freight.
  10. beachman

    Gas ports

    How does one remove the gas plug setting? I understand these questions are simple. I admit to being new to this. I want to learn how to do this without reducing my new S12 to a pile of parts.
  11. beachman

    Gas ports

    How do you take apart a Saiga 12 to find out how many gas ports it has? Do I need any special tools, or is it very simple to do? If there are photos that show this, it would be very helpful. Thank you for helping me.
  12. Has anyone seen or heard of new model Saiga rifles being imported in the near future? I have seen mention on other forums that the recent price decreases are to prepare for new models, but there were no details or pictures.
  13. Yes, nothing against the Bulgarian ones, but since it is starting as a Russian gun, I'd prefer all Russian. What do I need to do to do that? Some things may seem obvious to some people, but I'm learning, so I have to ask for detailed help.
  14. I do not know much about the SLR-105s. What makes them the best shooting AKs? How do they compare with the Arsenal SGL31-61? What are the differences between those and a standard Saiga 5.45? I'm more interested in differences that are functional, like sights, stocks, etc. Cosmetic stuff which is not functional I do not really care about.
  15. Which parts need to be replaced to get a Saiga 5.45 to that configuration? How close can you get, and how much do the parts cost?
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