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  1. Selling a used (20 rounds of bird shot) Akdal. Nashville TN based. Asking $475 shipped. Pics on this site are absolutely impossible to upload. Hit me up on PM for more info.
  2. I am thinking I want to put a small inexpensive FO front sight in... any recommendations? Thanks
  3. 10" barrel is a great length barrel for the s-12
  4. Little late here, but the question that was finally answered by ATF about " the weapon leaving your immediate possession" was this.... " the weapon may not leave your possession".... thats all the lady would say over and over. So I guess even though locked up, per Delta airlines, or whoever, it is leaving your immediate possession, violating the law...
  5. I picked up another S12 last month for $455 out the door. The guy didn't like it and traded it for a new Benelli. Deals are still out there! Good job!
  6. Can he fly to a meet/event with their NFA item and still be compliant? Technically speaking, it's out of your immediate sight and control when you check that bag.... Thoughts?
  7. I don't think they ever took off. I bought one as a novelty, and still haven't even shot it. As far as durability, they feel like an air soft with real gun parts... I think it's a flop.
  8. Tony thank you for making aftermarket happen so fast. Your stuff is top notch.
  9. Also, you are not supposed to let it out of your immediate control either (minus a gunsmith, etc) too..
  10. Pauly, thanks. I'll fit and file it for him tomorrow. I appreciate you taking the time to scan those.
  11. A few buddy's are having an nfa meet a few states away from me, 15 hour car ride, 2 hour plane ride. I'm not going because I'm not going to trust the airlines for 1, and 2, it seems like potential for paperwork issues. Has anybody flown with their nfa item checked?
  12. We dont have any manuals. Thanks to the poster who helped...
  13. My drums fit well, but my buddys drum just won't quite snap in the rear. Is there a detailed drawing of where the material needs to be removed?
  14. If $3 breaks the deal I don't need it. I've bought a lot of stuff through Greg/ CSS at full retail and several times I've ordered and the shipping was probably more than I paid. It comes around in time...
  15. What does this system seem to be a "copy" of? Just curious.
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