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  1. I've got the Mako absorbing stock and like others have mentioned you can shoot the heavy stuff all day. It may bounce around a little as others have stated but I can't say that it is more than the additional muzzle rise you might have when having a solid stock and the recoil pushing the gun up rather than back. I have the css reliability kit and polished bcg and no feed issues.
  2. Canton, OH. Possibly moving near Beachwood in the near future though...
  3. He received my parts 12/7. Calling is the only way to get a hold of him, but that will not speed up your order any. I'm told I should have my parts by early next week. I will also be receiving a custom 1911 next week that was originally quoted 20-24 weeks but ended up at 54 weeks!! I hope my RJF shorty doesn't go that far over quote...
  4. SPF on AR15.com but the guy has no reviews or posts... Post if interested in seconds.
  5. Still sealed in plastic. Purchased two months ago for my competition shotgun but now deciding not to install since I want commonality of mags between it and my RJ SBS (And I want to use drums on the SBS) 1 - JTE MAGAZINE WELL SAIGA 12 4 - SGM MAGAZINE WELL MODIFIED 12 RD MAGAZINE - BLACK $155 shipped for the 4 mags $85 shipped for the magwell $230 package deal Have positive feedback on AR15.com (zimm33) and Glocktalk (zimmthumps)
  6. Very nice! I have one like this on order from them. Let me know how it shoots/feels with that stock. I've still debating stock choice and addition of a pad or not.
  7. I am very happy with my Theis IWB holster. He is very highly recomended and talked about on multiple forums like glocktalk. theisholsters.com
  8. That was my thought! I've got a Draco C sitting around that I planned on SBR'ing with this years bonus coming in a couple months. There are some videos of this stock in action on Slidefire's facebook page now.
  9. These stocks are a blast. I have one on a dedicated AR lower but yes it is expensive at about $8 in a four second mag dump. Valkyriearmament has a bunch of pics of this new AK model. They are a fun toy, and would be a little more economical when dumping russian 5.45, but then you have to dedicate a gun rather than switching out a lower.
  10. CDNN now has mounts a LOT cheaper than anywhere else. I had bought a rail mount for my Docter red dot from Brownells for like $60, and then saw CDNN got them in stock for $20 and their version has the protective plates on the sides. I was weary of the quality, but when I got it in found that is was every bit as solid, so off the Brownells one went for return! It's not a quick disconnect mount, but I have it on the side mount quick disconect rail so no need. I'm not positive the bolt pattern is the same on the Burris, but I thought I saw somewhere that it is.
  11. I think the internet is a big factor regarding this. Folks that are active in the forums will learn more in a couple months than dealers or other "gun nuts" that aren't, but have been in their trades for years..
  12. No worries on KCI. Fit function all flawless for std sizes. However in the larger 33rounders I've seen about a 50% success rate for the non-factory mags in my Glock carbine (they all work fine in my G17). The springs in the large ones are a little too week.
  13. I just got my first threaded barrel for my G17 and it was a lone wolf. I compared the specs and couldn't find any negative reviews to make me spend 50% more on the storm lake. I don't like the wolf logo - but that still wasn't quite enough to make me spend that much more for just asthetics... CTD had the best price when I was looking last month. ($110)
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