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  1. Used on my S12, in excellent condition includes hardware with the exception of the OE handguard screw. Tried uploading a pic and it failed. I’d like to get $220 obo as they are discontinued. Edit for pics: https://imgur.com/HUXr8Wo https://imgur.com/wL9A7S8
  2. Willing to trade for saiga .223 unconverted plus cash.
  3. TGI Bulgarian AK-74: WaffenWerks Receiver Krebs enhanced rear sight Tapco Magazines x3 120 Rds 7N6 Russian 5.45x39 Bulgarian surplus sling *Does not come with the US palm grip, will come with Russian Ak grip. Has only fired 60 rounds. $750 located in Eastern NC, shipping price will be discussed if need be. http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=F1TGAK74
  4. AKSSA- AK47 Stamped 6 Position Buffer Tube Stock Conversion Aluminum Lightweight Buffer Tube for conversion OEM stock to an M16/M4/AR15 style stock such as a Commercial Magpul CTR (MAG311). Designed for thin walled STAMPED receiver AK47 with a mounting tang (Such as Romanian SAR). * The 6 positions allow length adjustment up to 10cm. * Water tight storage compartment for cleaning kit,batteries and more. * Can be sold in conjunction with Tdi Arms' CBS Stock and ACP Cheek Rest * Made of Billet Aluminum Product For Stamped AK47/74 Material Made Of Aluminum Measurements Weight (oz) 8.465
  5. I did offer to order this individual a new one using my military discount. I guess he forgot to mention that here. He must of made an error while inputting my email. I waited awhile and I never received payment. I had it boxed up and everything. I cant send someone something I never got payment for. Also the deal originally was a trade for some buis, which the buyer changed his mind on after I agreed to the trade. So I dont see why this is a -1.
  6. Item withdrawn. Still have the MI handguard I've taken off and will be posting for sale.
  7. I never recieved payment, we spoke about this in pm. Proof since you decided to make this public.
  8. After doing lots of research, and carefully selecting parts for this rifle I am ready to move on. There are a few reasons I'm looking to sell/trade this, some are personal and some are preference. This rifle has never been fired. I am the opposite of most gun owners, I have plenty of rounds for all my guns without time to shoot. Below is a list of all the parts installed: Ace Yugo stock adapter $44.99 Manticore Arms Triangle stock w/ stormwerkz hinge $160 Bulgarian rubber buttpad with strap $29.99 Magpul grip $20 Midwest Industries rail $135 Tapco Ak74 style brake $20 With the p
  9. I didnt care for the look of an AR stock on my yugo. Test fitted, never used (the rifle hasnt been fired either for that matter. $20 shipped. http://riflestocks.com/store/product29.html http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/ACrews6466/media/2012-06-30_11-28-27_499.jpg.html
  10. Willing to trade for an RS akm mount plus cash.
  11. Selling my RX08 Reflex, retails at over $500 without the mount, Comes with mount, filter, bikini cover, and lens pen. I would like $350 shipped, $400 if you want it in a pelican case. Located in Eastern NC. https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product3.php?pid=RX01
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