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  1. OK, looking to clean out the safe, and possibly get into other guns. ONLY trade I would be interested in is a 30 cal LIGHT WEIGHT BAR, like 6.5lbs the s12 is a 19" threaded four port arsenal import. I am second owner but was assured it was LNIB. I am asking $1000 comes with a polychoke a promag 12rnd drum and I think six promag 10 round box mags. has a tapco piston and hammer. s20 has a 24" fixed choke barrel, I think its tighter then an extra full according to my calipers, and pattern confirms that, comes with a 5rd mag $750 early import with white paint in the numbers. Vepr308 squareback, this is one of the ones that got imported with junk furniture, would be great candidate for tapco or other US plastic but I was actually able to clean up whats on it pretty well, could use a recoil pad and coated with something. comes with a five round mag and a ten round mag. Last price I saw at centerfire was $799. This has less then 100 rounds through it. SaigaM in .223, probably 150 rounds through this. has a 20ish long heavy barrel and the removable stock, black furniture. single ten roung mag. $600 Yugo M85 .223 pistol that takes the AR mags probably 100 rounds through this (those 30 round mags make it easy)$500 I have three Kushnapup stocks, two are NIB one was cut to fit the 20ga/223 and it wasnt the purtiest job but it works. $200 each for the NIB take $150 for the cut one. buyer to pay shipping on anything sold. prefer face to face in central oregon, I-5/101 eugene/florence. the .223 and one of the shotguns needs to be the LAST to sell. ALSO I have cases of 12ga ammo for $50 a case, 7.5 and 8 shot. Id like to see the Yugo go first, then the 308 or one of the shotguns. Like I said ONLY trades would be for a lightweight SEMI AUTO hunting rifle, prefer 308, but 30-06 or a magnum of some type. other trades, a unimog. I also have a tin top samurai and or 87 4runner (elockers and duals) I would put towards the trade on the unimog and of course some cash.
  2. awesome video, not a .223, but STILL awesome, I was totally thinking about doing it and I found this video and now I am totally going to do it!I was thinking about an external adjustment screw, but I like the fixed yet adjustable port that looks SO clean from the outside and so functional, adjustable and replaceable from the inside.
  3. Mine went down in a minor mud slide in my 4x4. Been driving those back roads ever since hoping to find em, Maybe some day I will get them back. Too bad it was only the semi autos this time, all my bolt actions that use the same ammo that I have "plenty" of are fine.
  4. Crap my wife is gonna be pissed at me!
  5. Mine was like #4 sounds like an awesome time except the need for the kill. Never good having a rabid animal charge you!
  6. all I want to know is where you are from and how I can come out with you?
  7. Anyways I should say, I'm in oregon and have a complete 19" gun and will trade or interested in the barrel and receiver
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