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  1. OK, looking to clean out the safe, and possibly get into other guns. ONLY trade I would be interested in is a 30 cal LIGHT WEIGHT BAR, like 6.5lbs the s12 is a 19" threaded four port arsenal import. I am second owner but was assured it was LNIB. I am asking $1000 comes with a polychoke a promag 12rnd drum and I think six promag 10 round box mags. has a tapco piston and hammer. s20 has a 24" fixed choke barrel, I think its tighter then an extra full according to my calipers, and pattern confirms that, comes with a 5rd mag $750 early import with white paint in the numbers. Vepr30
  2. awesome video, not a .223, but STILL awesome, I was totally thinking about doing it and I found this video and now I am totally going to do it!I was thinking about an external adjustment screw, but I like the fixed yet adjustable port that looks SO clean from the outside and so functional, adjustable and replaceable from the inside.
  3. Mine went down in a minor mud slide in my 4x4. Been driving those back roads ever since hoping to find em, Maybe some day I will get them back. Too bad it was only the semi autos this time, all my bolt actions that use the same ammo that I have "plenty" of are fine.
  4. Crap my wife is gonna be pissed at me!
  5. Mine was like #4 sounds like an awesome time except the need for the kill. Never good having a rabid animal charge you!
  6. all I want to know is where you are from and how I can come out with you?
  7. Anyways I should say, I'm in oregon and have a complete 19" gun and will trade or interested in the barrel and receiver
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