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  1. Working on a .243 project. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Mark, Did you ever get the plugs completed? How is it superior to the original I got from you several years back? I really like it. Interested in the new one if it is that much better! Thanks
  3. 2332 9997 4774 Thanks Big Mike! Still lusting for a 410 Drum!
  4. I have the one from Ak-Builder.com and the gunfixer gas plug. It cycles great!
  5. Sorry for the delayed response. Been real busy. No I do not have a holster for it yet. I am looking for a custom maker to make one for me if anyone has a lead! ;o)
  6. Pick one up, and then wait a week and pick up the second one. If he transfers both in the same transaction, he has to report you to the BATF for multiple puchases of handguns. It is a shady way to identify people who are building their own rifles. When your dealer receives them on his books, there is no rule I know of that forces him to transfer them at the same time. If you have to pay another transfer fee, so be it. I would rather pay twice than be reported.
  7. I have tried to upload a new avatar several times with no success. .jpg size is less than 180x180. Any suggestions?
  8. For the exact reason it works good on this build. The whole purpoose for the guide rod is to cut down on carrier tilt.
  9. Thank you for the compliment! I don't care to reduce the flash on this one. Besides with the short gas piston, the gas block opens to the ejection port when the bolt comes back. Flash hider will not help with that. Muzzle velocity is 1286fps. I am going to make a pic rail for the bayo that will plug into the void in the front. Once again, pure entertainment.
  10. I can check with the site owner to see if there is an issue with your registration. I know him personally. Do you, Did you use the same username as here?
  11. If what your after is entertainment, the super shorty are a blast literally, but keep in mind that there is also only 2" of barrel. Of that only 1.25" is rifled with 1/10 twist. THe bullet barely makes a quarter turn before it leaves the barrel. Not very condusive to bullet stability. There is only .5" forward of the gas port. I have not shot her at 50 yards yet. Although at 25 there is no indication of keyholing, I expect at 50, the bullets will be tumbling due to the lack of twist. The best way to determine if you are up to the tasks is to read the threads at the links I posted above. H
  12. The piston is custom, the guide rod is custom, the barrel is custom etc...... If you are going to build one, you are better off to start from scratch. Also know that there is a tremendous amount of unburt powder, which is what causes the big flash. The powder comes out the barrel and ejection port. For practical pistol, I will stay with my 5" build. This thing is for entertainment purposes only. As for being able to do it yourself, I have a lathe and mill at my disposal, and both were used extensively during this build. I haven't made a pic rail for the bayonet yet.
  13. Thanks Cobra! I consider it quite a complement coming from you.
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