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  1. The 10 rnd mags are probably the aftermarket ones. As far as shipping, I will get the details. At this point this is an interest check. But the gun store we are dealing with assures me that they can shipp to the US.
  2. My friend has a picture and I will get him to send it so that I can post it. It might take a day or two since he is in Hong Kong right now. I have addressed the issue of 10 rnds and he assures me that they are available. We will make certain before any money changes hands.
  3. Well you have all been waiting, and now through no small effort I have found a source for 10 rnd Russian magazines for the Saiga 12. My source tells me that he can deliver 5, 8, and 10 rnd mags, which is the first I've heard of 10 rnd Russians but my source is reliable. So here is the deal, you let me know how many you want, I contact my supplier and get the exact price for the quantity we are ordering. If I can get enough mags I should be able to sell them at $100.00 dollars each plus whatever it costs me to ship them to you. After we have established a number for the order, I will requi
  4. I will be glad to help you generate interest in this product. I am a USPSA member and the Siaga 12 is making a big impact on our three gun matches. As a suggestion, 10 rnds for the Siaga 12 would be better for the USPSA market since it would fit our division requirements better. 20 rnds for the 308 would fit our heavy metal class but 30 rnds would produce more of a market by covering more classes. E-mail me at darknessdawning@yahoo.com and I will help get you in touch with the right people within USPSA, an ad in our front sight magazine would be a good idea. Also if anyone in USPSA gets f
  5. "BTW, when did USPSA pass-up CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting) in growth? Answer (to my knowledge) it didn't. Just a detail. USPSA is big and that's all that counts." I was refering to an end of year article in front sight magazine recapping the years events. The didn't mention any other shooting sport but unless I 'm misstaken the called USPSA the fastest growing sport. I'm trying to find out what FFL I need to aply for to do conversions for USPSA shooters. I've done a couple already (with the help of the guns owner ofcourse), and short of a little time theres really nothing to it. I
  6. Ok guys give this thing just a little more time. Something is cooking in the world of Saiga. Well at least in the world of Saiga 12. The USPSA magazine Front Sight just did a pretty decient mention of the Saiga 12, and at the state section match a Saiga 12 that I had just converted for a friend drew tremendous attention. For those of you who don't know USPSA stands for United States Practical Shooters Association, and is the fastest growing shooting sport in America right now. There are several manufacturers making guns and parts specifically for this sport, Springfield Armory and CZ are
  7. Hey guys, having done a few kits and modified my first saiga, I seem to have more requests for work than I am comfortable doing on the side. Which FFL do I need to modify saigas and build parts kits as a bussiness? What will I need to do to get this FFL and what sort of things is the BATF looking for prior to approval?
  8. Vern

    Magazine update?

    Just checking on the US 8 or 10 round Saiga 12 magazines. I have been away for a while and didn't see anything in the more recent topics. What is the status? Has someone started marketing yet?
  9. Vern


    Jeric BHO Thanks!!!!
  10. Vern


    Not that my feable efforts have managed to find me a Saiga 12 but a friend of mine has just gotten one, and is looking for a BHO like the ones advertised on this site. Ofcourse the ones here say sold out.
  11. I have a browning hi-power practical in 9 mm. does the browning hi power 40 s&w use the same frame? Or in other words can I convert a BHP 9mm to 40 s&w by changeing the barrel slide and recoil spring, or are the frames different?
  12. The one side no slots would be great. I had in mind useing it with an after market front sight and modifying the sight by adding a locator pin like the Romanian AKs have. I should have my gun by the end of the month and I'll let you know then the particulars.
  13. I'm a meandmineocrate, I just wish the government would leave me and mine alone. Less government means more freedom. Punish those who break the laws not those who you think might.
  14. Now that it looks like my Saiga is on it's way, I can look at goodies like this. It looks great but it's not exactly what I am looking for. I need a compensator not a flash hider. Can you do those as well? It looks like the flash hider would work if you left out one or two of the vents on the bottom, sort of like the military M-16 flash hiders, they have more slots on the top and sides than on the bottom thus venting more gas and keeping the muzzle down.
  15. Also the salts are not oil soluable so water is the only way to go, unless you want to use a little soap in it. Ussually I use windex, and follow it up with a good bore cleaner to get everthing else out.
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