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  1. I placed my order today. A big thanks to Robert for selling them at a very reasonable price and not doing what some other businesses are doing.
  2. The factory one got tossed a long time ago
  3. I would like to buy a new Tapco G2 disconnector only, to fix a botched trigger job. Let me know if you have one
  4. I bought two of them. Thanks for the info
  5. Yeah JT did the gas system and comp install, C&S metal werks did the rest of the work. They both did outstanding work as that gun had run flawlessly. The only hangup I've had was when we had a long break at nationals and dust completely coated the gun and got inside. It failed to eject the first round but then worked the rest of the stage and match. It just had to know the dust off And there is definitely something to be said about shooting a saiga in multigun since I beat both Miculek and Voigt on the all shotgun stage.
  6. Here is some video of me at the 2012 Multigun Nationals with my Saiga 12 and a Lid Cam. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZkVNWB4NEo
  7. It was nice meeting you Doug even though you did penalize me for re-engaging the rifle targets with my pistol haha jk. I can only blame the guy pulling the trigger And this is why I love our game. One competitor's gun breaks and another one gives him a gun so that he can continue and potentially beat him. That shows outstanding sportsmanship. Hope to see you next year Nate
  8. nheiny13


    I've gotten a hold of him pretty easily over the phone.
  9. I am looking to buy a mid-barrel compensator for my Saiga. Preferably an R&R or Firebird compensator. I know this is a long shot, but let me know what you guys have. Thanks
  10. Check here. They have what you need http://www.4-dproducts.com/
  11. My Saiga 12 has a considerable "bump" when going into battery right before the bolt rotates to lock up. I would like to know how to remove this. At first i thought it was the extractor ramping up on the barrel but looked at it and the timing was off slightly from when the extractor rode up and where the hitch/bump was. The weird thing was thought that I took the extractor spring out and the bump went away. Maybe the spring pressure on the bolt/barrel was creating tension somewhere else???? I started reading on here that there might be a timing issue on the angled area on the barrel extens
  12. C&S did an outstanding job polish and changing the angles on the carrier group. The kind of customer service that they give is what every business should strive for. It's that kind of service that gets repeat customers. I would recommend them to anyone!!!! I was finally able to take mine to the range today. I know this forum doesn't recommend winchester low base rounds for the Saigas but that is all I had. Anyway, my saiga ate them all as fast as I could pull the trigger. This might be my new favorite gun. Thanks Matt and C&S. You WILL get more work from me that's for certain.
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