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  1. Anyone know where I can get a trigger guard for the sporter configuration Saiga x39? I had converted mine to pistol grip years ago, and then had to convert it back (... oh the sufferings of living in the peoples republic of NY...) The problem is I had cut the original trigger guard to do the original conversion, so it looks like crap. I'd like to clean it up, but can't seem to locate one.
  2. Some do - I know the Lonewolf glock barrels are 1/2-28, at least for 9mm. I was thinking the 300 ACC were, but they are 9/16. I know it's the norm, but I'm not excited about 14x1LH.
  3. I cant' believe nobody has asked this but a search went empty... Can an 7.62x39 barrel be threaded to 1/2-28? I figure doing so would open up my options for breaks (albeit expensive AR brakes...)
  4. Any know whats up with the integrated sights? Are they flip up? I've only seen pictures that have no detail
  5. What's the best way to modify the standard forearm on the Saiga? I drilled some vent holes, but want to make them more oblong. I find this material very difficult to work with, even with my dremel. any magic bullets here?
  6. Actually I Oxyblued it - comes out black - blends right in.
  7. I made this mod to my selector switch. This allows me to take the safety off without taking my hand off the pistol grip, loose sight picture, or turn the rifle. The screw does not rub. Drilling the hole was challenging (who would of thought the steel in the safety was hardened?) The round acorn nut does not catch. This was a $0.33 4mmx15mm screw and a $0.84 5mm acorn nut.... about $43 cheaper than the Krebs selector. I may spring for an $0.05 lock washer if I find it works loose. When I get to painting this rifle I'll paint the nut to match. Taking the rifle off sa
  8. I just heard from Dinzag - they don't do rentals anymore because they were getting ripped off!
  9. I'm in central NY, near Syracuse.
  10. I'd like to add a break to my saiga. The tools are a bit pricy for a one-off project. Can anyone recommend someplace to rent these? (I thought Dinzig used to rent these but I can't find it any longer on the site.) Thanks
  11. Most if not all of the side mounts let you use the irons (I have 3 different ones, and they all do.) I'd actually like one lower - cheek weld (chin weld in this case) is an issue.
  12. How is the pistol grip on the Timbersmith? It looks thin and maybe a bit uncomfortable? I'm eying the black laminate for my 308
  13. I read folks replacing the Saiga gas tube with a ventilated one (generally when using AK lower handguards) Has anyone ventilated the stock Saiga gas tube? First - I'm assuming the purpose is to reduce the speed of the returning bolt carrier? (Hence smoothing it out, and maybe keeping the brass within 20 feet!)
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