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  1. dinzag, Thanks for the help!!!! You have really helped me!!!!! Yours faithfully Alexey.
  2. http://wht.ru/shop/catalog/light/LEDWAVE_t...CTICAL/9034.php How many such lantern costs in the USA?
  3. Friends! Advise, the Internet shop in the USA where it is possible to buy a tactical lantern. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  4. Work is completed above Saiga-12. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  5. Lekss

    IndyArms Hello! The Question: 1. What quantity magazines is necessary? 2. How your customs on import magazines will concern? Our customs will pass the goods, but you on customs can have problems. Your government struggles with the international terrorism, and on it can not start up magazines from Russia. A question as your customs will concern to the given goods, Define this question. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  6. Lekss

    Thanks for the information! I shall study this question and I shall inform you! Yours faithfully Alexey.
  7. Lekss

    Well, there you have it, Lekss... *YOU* Can be our Russian connection!!!! We send YOU the cash... then you buy the magazine and ship it back!! You make a few dollars profit, and we have a trustworthy source of quality Russian Equipment!!! :up: Sounds like a good plan to me... What do ya say? How much do 8 round mags sell for in Russia? How much do you want to charge to ship?? IndyArms. Thanks you for trust! Is always glad to help! To buy to me magazines it is not complex, but... I still do not know how to send in the USA? Customs? Can at you what there are offers
  8. Lekss

    Unfortunately, I do not know. In Russia they are on sale in each weapon shop, but online they are not engaged in transfer. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  9. Lekss

    Clearly. Yours faithfully Alexey. To my knowledge, the magazines that kevin has been making are lined on the inside with metal And completely metal magazines, kevin does not do? Yours faithfully Alexey.
  10. Lekss

    Clearly. Yours faithfully Alexey.
  11. Lekss

    Hello!!! In the address which you have specified: (http: // www.thegunsource.com/shopping_viewp... idproduct=62421): magazine from plastic. Me interests magazine from metal. Tell, whether magazine this firm does of metal? Yours faithfully Alexey. P.S. I ask to excuse me, I badly know English language.
  12. Lekss

    Alexey, That picture looks like steel 10 round Saiga-12 magazines that Saiga Solutions was going to produce. Saiga Solutions will not be making these magazines and is no longer in business. Another company called AGP will be making plastic and metal 10 round Saiga magazines soon. http://www.agparms.com/ Ronswin! Thanks you, for the information! Yours faithfully Alexey.
  13. Lekss

    I welcome you! Tell, please, where it is possible to buy here such magazines for Saiga 12? Yours faithfully Alexey.
  14. Lekss


    I have a Surefire clone(Rico Alpha9) mounted to a Saiga Tactical Forend and it is awesome especially with the Ace folder closed. This might me an easier and cheaper way to achieve your goal. Even if you don't like the vertical foregrip you can get the tactical forend and mount whatever Surefire or other brand light you want to it. Beautifully!!! Yours faithfully Alexey.
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