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  1. Yeah have a few different Marbles rings out in the shop, but haven't figured out an easy way to mod them - at least on a production scale. They will fit, but it will take a sharp edge needle file. Thanks for sharing the info guys!
  2. dinzzag@yahoo.com Not sure what the email problems are about?
  3. Thanks Dr. Thunder. SS - We're not a manufacturer & we do not receive firearms for work. You can send in the FSB for rework to sit rearward on the barrel & free up realestate to thread the muzzle of the rifle & we supply drills & pins for reinstall. $35.
  4. Saigaslinger, have you sent any emails to dinzzag@yahoo.com? We have had supplier issues but the 308 FCG's we have plenty of inventory. I would like to touch base with you & look up your order. Figure out what's going on. We need your email address or order # or something we can search with. I try to reply to everyone within a day or so, even if I'm on the road. We try to keep the emails covered, as many folks don't understand our turn around times - see terms & conditions page. This is how we have always conducted business and I'm more than happy to refund anybody 100% at any time
  5. Love the H.R. Giger profile pic!!

  6. Thanks for the support guys. I covered my end & have taken care of the grip. He's sent me an email back & I believe we're all good with everything.
  7. akizzle47, Sent you ship notification for the missing grip & a reply to your two emails from Thursday the 20th @ 11:46pm & 11:56pm. At least you gave me 20 minutes to reply to your email before coming on here, I'll try to be a little quicker on the draw next time. If we did have our private phone # posted, would you have called at that hour and expected someone to answer? Took the wifey & kids on a little vacation for a few days, as we posted on the home page of the site. You may have missed that when you were looking for the phone #. Sorry for any inconveniences th
  8. Actually...From Gun Trust Lawyer's Website No silencers, but SBR, SBS & Machine Guns are a go now. There's been several guys who have already done it on ARF com.
  9. That top pic as looks pretty horrid. Should have gave me a shout! When we first started doing them we'd fill & smooth any pin holes/depressions before duracoating. If you had it stripped & parked, that material is long gone. Also parking generally doesn't give a consistant finish over welded areas with dissimiliar metals. I like to run stainless in there as the base parts have all kinds of nasties that like to come out. The last year or so we've been doing them totally different. While it takes much longer, the end result is very clean. Just perfecting the process. I use mine wi
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