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  1. Well, time to see my LSA Saiga 12 go to a good home. I bought this about 8 years ago from Mike at Lone Star Arms, custom 12 gauge shotgun with his usual excellent build quality. She shoots fast and furious. I'm posting it up here first for the guys who know what it is, before trying to sell elsewhere. Polished internals, Magpul angled foregrip and a Tromix monster brake helps handle the recoil. This will come with 3 magazines: the stock 5 shell, a 10 shell, and a 12 shell drum mag. In the 8 years I've maybe shot it 400 times, it's been on standby at the house almost all the time. I seem t
  2. Well, Hi cuz! My family roots are from Danish vikings that settled in the East Anglia area, the Danelaw, eastern England. I grew up in Cambridgeshire and Essex, and I'm a bit of a hooligan on the bike, so there you go.
  3. Hi everyone, another new guy here in the Big D area. Moving up from a Rem 870 to an S-12, very excited about it. Very new to the S-12, but I'm jumping in with both feet and going the Lone Star Arms route as well. I pretty much decided on Mike at LSA based on the feedback I read in this forum. Looking forward to getting her in a few more weeks. Anyone recommend a good range here in the Dallas area? Right now I'm thinking Garland is the best option.
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