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  1. "I have been talking with some democrats and it has become clear to me that they are not interested in truth. Emotional issues mean more to them than their freedom and finances. I will never understand. They will take whatever the media lays out... hook, line, and sinker." This is because for them, the socialist party dogma is their absolute faith. It is in fact their religion, and the sooner one understands that, the sooner one begins to see why logic, and common sense, and even the human instinct fo self preservation completely fails with these people. They may walk and talk and s
  2. "I would NOT want to be the first Patrol Officer who has to decide between getting overrun, or shooting the unarmed women and children being pushed to the front." This is what the left is counting on to break the back of our immigration system, and national sovereignty. The communist organizers are using women and children as human shields, just as ISIS does. If a firefight breaks out and it well may, the loss of civilian lives will be on the communists Looks like the Cartels have taken notice of the "caravan" as well and are using it a resource to scoop up women and children
  3. The left media is crowing that deploying US military forces to the border is "political stunt". It isn't. Make no mistake, hostile incursions by foreign nationals are an act of war. These aren't "caravans", they are will financed, organized columns of foreign nationals hostile to our rule of law, and to our very sovereignty,, seeking to undermine the very foundations of our system, and ultimately to overthrow our duly elected government. Along with our troops, I fully expect to see armed predator drones, Blackhawks, and Apache attack helicopters at the ready to deal with invaders,
  4. The legislative trap is being baited. Let them include every possible unconstitutional provision, and limitation they can dream up so Pro-2nd Amendment legislators and SCOTUS can give every illegal provision, and overreach a Viking funeral and send it up in flames Trump has done a great deal in the last few days to re-invigorate firearms sales. Modern sporting riffles are flying off store shelves. This time, they're not playing with kids and idiots.
  5. Bolt does not appear to have the factory parkerized finish, or Izhmash factory markings. I'd guess most this stuff came off a Chinese TAK-47?
  6. In the future you may want to consider one post which lists all of the items you have for sale, rather than covering up the forum feed with multiple posts devoted to a single item per post.
  7. "I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw
  8. "Little pieces of them" is allegory for the a bit of extra time that she had together with both of them after they survived the attack, and before they died.
  9. When civil discourse ceases, and tribalism prevails, the seeds of civil war have taken hold.
  10. Looks just like a chinese knock off of a chinese knockoff of a Saiga 12
  11. Goddammit, and goddammit again! I wish I could say that you're dead wrong, but you've summed it up perfectly. I was raised to believe that everyone has a right to their point of view, and to defend to the death the other side's right to express it, but when the other side begins shooting - that equation fundamentally changes.
  12. His face book page https://m.facebook.com/jthodgkinson "Passionate progressive" https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/2017/live-updates/public-safety/updates-shooting-at-congressional-baseball-practice-in-virginia/acquaintance-describes-campaigning-for-sanders-with-hodgkinson/?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.7cc87c4562a0
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