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  1. personal stuff collected over the years got the bolt from same guy as Chille. ps feel free to trash me as much as you want ChileRelleno Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants. Our choice Contributor 7,439 posts Gender:Male Location:Sweet Home Alabama Posted 20 November 2017 - 07:13 PM I have a complete & new S12 bolt assembly that I picked up years back from Doug at the now defunct, www.avtomatsinaction.com He used to get S12 parts in on a infrequent basis, he always had the cool stuff. I bought my spare S12 Complete Bolt Assembly for $60.+S/H, IIRC. They're
  2. New 55.00 free shipping pm for availability
  3. New in box md arms 20 rnd drum one clear and one smoke new cover, two new replacement springs 110.00 free shipping pm for availability
  4. new saiga 12 bolt 160.00 free shipping, pm for availability
  5. R&R Bolt Carrier – US Made R&R Targets US made Saiga 12 bolt carrier is now available. This improved product can be ordered with left or right side charging handle and includes a full length gas piston rod to fit stock Saiga shotguns. If you have a different lenght rod contact Robert with dimensions. If you order a left side charging handle you will have to trim your dust cover to fit or R&R will cut it and return ship it to you for an additional $20. Price: $280.00
  6. Factory finish used abused and battle worn +1
  7. Must have been drunk off there ass when they put that monstrosity together Just needs some duct tape to finish it off
  8. i use a Tornado brush on a cleaning rod attatched to a driill and ( pb blaster cleaner / breakfree spray) removes all crap leaves barrel super shiny. Tornado brush is the best brush i have ever used Beats all other brushes hands down
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