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  1. Thanks, I just ran a rod down the barrel, to make sure it was clear, and went to town with it. I have to say, build wise, it is one of the best fit, and finished AK variant I have ever seen. It is all spiffy clean now, so I will give it a go next time I go to the range. If I still have an i ssue, I may look into the hammer, and hammer spring. Firing pin looks great, I can't imaging it being much a of problem, as there is not that much that can be wrong. Once I am happy with the way it runs, I will add a few accessories, because over all i really enjoy it.
  2. What do you mean? If you had light strikes on the primers, the most likely culprit is a weak mainspring. Buy a new hammer spring and install it. I have a Saiga 7.62 rifle, and ran some of the fail to fire rounds from the Zastava through it, and those rounds shot fine in the Saiga. That gun has show 1000 rounds, and did it flawlessly. That gun just shoots everything, feeds, fires, and ejects everything perfectly. whcih is why I do not think it was the ammo
  3. Need some opinions, I got a Zastava M92 AK "pistol" for my birthday, and got to shoot it this weekend, I put about 300 rounds through it, lots of fun to shoot, Every ftf round I ran through my Saiga 762 did shoot. I noticed some strike marks, very lite, on the rounds, but that could just be from the free floating pin. By the way, it fed every round perfect, and ejected every round perfect Today I took the firing pin out, and cleaned it, It was sticking a little. and all the fail to fires were the last few mags I ran through it, A lot of the fail to fires tended to be rapid fire, There wer
  4. Just bought 250 rounds of 12gauge at Cabellas for 59.00. Shot 100 of them today, Out of curiosity, what are the chances of losing one of those 30.00 rounds. My Saiga 12 throws hulls all over the place like it is raining hulls when I shoot. If in the woods, I could not imagine finding all the left over hulls. I would hate to think I shot several rounds, and the Siaga chucked them hull over in a creek, or down a hillside.... reaching under old logs is a great way to get bit by various critters.
  5. Seems like a muzzle loader would be cheaper, easier, faster, more convenient. They make them in a 2 barrel configuration. Just a thought
  6. sorry posted in wrong thread, and cannot delete
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. Louisville KY
  8. Anyone used one of these, http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/jte-mag-guide.htm Thoughts??? Seems like a marvelously simple idea
  9. I have an S-12, I want to convert, I can't do it myself, due to a hand injury, which has me one handed for the immediate future. basically, I just want to move the trigger, and grip forward. I do not need any holes welded up, or repainting done, as I will be capable of doing that later. How much should that cost? I have the grip, but not the trigger group?
  10. I never worry about anything along the lines of will be out soon, or is in the works, until it is actually on the market. I prototype, and build stuff, not Gun stuff, and something is always in the way, or popping up to delay ideas, turning into reality. Just recently I cut my hand on a band saw, and I am now set back a month on my newest project, until the bone, nerve, and tendons heal..stuff happens.....life gets in the way of progress Last round bolt hold opens have been almost ready, or coming out soon for years, or are not available...yet I can't seem to find one..some of them have bee
  11. I suspected as much, I may build a guide to make changes easier, or do my own magwell. I am not comfortable with them being so proprietary, as it makes the consumer too dependent on undependable suppliers. Thanks for the response, and confirming my observation
  12. Is there a Magwell that allows use of various brand of mags with my 109 I have Mag from multiple manufacturers. I have no intention of using drums, so that is not an issue. Thanks Jerry
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