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  1. wow does that thing have any recoil??
  2. dude, post #10 in that thread!! greatest post ive read in a while. that one made my stomach hurt from laughin so hard. so does #14!! lmao. fuckin hilarious!
  3. "You refer to other people as civilians, and have never been in law enforcement or the military." ....ahahahahahaha
  4. The Saiga is all growed up!!

  5. before i start drilling and changing things i am going to try bending the screw in the right place enough to shift it over a bit. i will post results if it works in case anyone else runs in to this problem. but i am open to any other advice to solve this. thanks guys
  6. pardon me if im misunderstanding, but once i screw in and a cut off a screw, and drill, wont the existing screw material be a little loose?
  7. i think i figured it out. i think the screw hole is a little crooked. i took the caliper to it and did what i could, cant really ideally measure it in any way i have thought of. i really do not understand why these guns seem to differ from each other all the time. if anyone has an idea on a fix for this, i would greatly appreciate it, a weld here and there perhaps? or maybe weld in the old hole and re-drill and tap? this is really a big bummer for me... waited 2 months for it. on the other hand, it is still a great rail and luckily, it is a SHOTGUN.
  8. @ King Cash... I have 10 rounders but i cannot load them when full with 10 rounds on a closed bolt for $#!+. IMO maybe a 12 rounder loaded with 10 is the best bet, instead of 8 or 9 in a 10 rounder, although ive never tried a 12 rounder. But i buy agp mags and i dont think they sell 12 rounders, so 10 rounders it will be for me until i decide to switch brands. I did have to file a bit off of the mags before i got them to fit, perhaps filing a little more off will work, but i doubt it. the angle is just too awkward with full shells. On another note, when you guys get your rails on,
  9. it is hard to notice in pictures, you have to look very closely. looking at the gun itself it is very obvious. if you look at the first two pictures you will notice that there is a gap on the right of the gas tube, but it is snug on the left. also if you look at the stock front sight, you will see the same thing. on the bottom two pictures you will notice a larger gap on the left side of the barrel than the right. it is a possibility that the screw hole on my gun is a little off or something. like you said the guns differ, but i assume that when it comes to the handguards, they
  10. Hello, Just received my quad rail. Absolutely fell in love at first sight. Very solid. Upon further examination after installation however, I noticed that it is off-center. Is this the design of the rail? First instinct tells me it is the screw-hole being off a bit because when I line it up center without the screw in, the holes are a bit off. I will link photos as my pictures are too large to upload, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac183/beatnick4/IMG_20120222_161806.jpg http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac183/beatnick4
  11. wooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got my notice!!!!!
  12. the cutoff was jan 17 i believe
  13. lucky man... im a week short of going on 2 months.
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