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  1. About to buy some bulk buckshot to replenish my stock. Does anyone know if Federal Flight Control feeds or fits in an MD or ProMag Drum?
  2. Vermiform


    What was the consensus on the Lynx? I know the Catamount had problems, but I've been seeing the Lynx going for a very cheap price lately. True s-12 Clone? Just as good?
  3. Yup. My point is that if the Pioneer takes standard Saiga mags, then the dimensions of the rifle's magwell, etc are the same as a regular Saiga rifle, and therefore it should be able to be converted to standard AK mags with only the addition of a bg and filing of the mag catch. Thanks for the lead on that thread. I'll go search for it later tonight.
  4. or file the latch I spose. Does anyone know it it take standard saiga mags? or is it some new vepr mag? If it takes standard Saiga mags then it should just require a BG and filing the latch. Anyone know if they have a round or flat trunion?
  5. Got an old version too. Thanks for this!
  6. Dicks “No one can loose business faster than us”, Yeti “Hold my tumbler”!
  7. I'm glad they are destroying their inventory rather than profiting from any sales after this bone head move. However, I was kind of hoping they would sell it all off and get caught doing it, thus pissing off all the SJWs who are their only customers now. But yeah, melt it all down. You don't get to profit off of the evil black weapons of mass destruction you've come out against. In for a penny, in for a pound. Enjoy sleeping in that bed you made. In other news, looks like Yeti joined the anti-NRA bandwagon and is now getting raked over the coals on FB for it....... Will they ever learn
  8. I did it on my first build because it was the only stock I had at the moment. Not too terrible with birdshot, downright painful with Buck. Eventually, I cut the tang, installed an ace adapter and put a crutch stock on there with a limbsaver pad on it and everyone enjoys shooting it now. FWIW I use those wire folders on all my Saiga rifles and I prefer them to any other stock. I don't consider myself "Recoil Sensitive", but on my S-12 with buckshot, it made me start flinching after the 2nd pull. On the other hand, I could be turning into a sissy in my old age. YMMV.......
  9. Bought one. Feeds unreliably but also having trouble now with some surefire stick mags as well. Just got her cerakoated and looks like there is some over spray on the rails. Going to break her down, buff the rails, lubricate and try again. You know, I've had this shotgun for years but never really did much with her after I converted. Are there any reliability tweaks anyone is doing to the 410? My problems seem to center around feeding into the chamber. Example: the shells sometimes feed at too high of an angle and slam into top of chamber rather than going into battery. Pretty much ruins t
  10. 922R problems aside, can the 7.62x39 Pioneer be converted to take standard AK mags?
  11. One MD 20 3 Promag 12 Rounders. I honestly prefer the smaller drums and the way they handle. The MD Arms 20 is obviously higher quality, but I haven't had a single hiccup out of the Promags. I also like the smaller ones because they fit in surplus NV bags that attach via molle straps. I have two pouches attached to a larger bag. I keep one drum in the shotgun, a box of buckshot or 2 in the bag and two drums (NV) pouches attached to the outside. I also have 2 OEM stick mags inside the bag that contain stainless steel slugs. I picked up a case of the slugs for a song back when the compan
  12. I've been happy with my promag 12 round Saiga 12 drums. Is the 410 version worth having? Any issues? Who has the best price online?
  13. I figured we needed a thread where we could toss emotion, bravado and political finger pointing aside and take a look at the cold hard facts. I must admit I am not savvy when it comes to Presidential Executive Orders but when I read this one it seems very specific in places. Maybe that is a good thing? 1. It doesn't ban all small arm weapon exports from Russia, only those made by Kalishnikov Concern. (Special thanks to Nomad on another forum for pointing this out to me) Historically, Russia has displayed great ingenuity in skirting our import restrictions. If not, we wouldn
  14. We either need a main thread for the forums for this topic, or turn this thread into it. Maybe a stickie to in all caps.
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