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  1. Is your Saiga converted with a bullet guide? Most of these magazines are just standard steel, ridged back mags. As to whether or not they all work...I don't know of any reason why they should not, many are new, some still with cosmo on them; although I have not personally shot a round out of every mag I own currently. I picked up a large quantity prior to all this fear buying and then everyone lost their damn minds and prices went threw the roof. I was going to hold on to what I have but now need more cash to purchase the new commodity, ammo. As well as some pre-season motorcycle gear. T
  2. Garnaz -No major issues on any of the ones I am going to send. Maybe some scratches but I will include as many new ones that I can if you are purchasing six. Just pm me and we can discuss it further. Thanks boss.
  3. Received 305 No idea Garnaz. I can attempt to discern later for you, I can also send you some more detailed pictures of each if necessary.
  4. I will also throw in the stock Saiga buttstock with the chaos rail & 6 steel mags for 150$ If interested or needing pictures, email me at JonathonQuill@hotmail dot com for a quick response.
  5. Will include the the chaos rail with the mags for 150$ I just need to move these, so first gets all for 150$
  6. I have 6 steel 30rnd 7.62x39 magazine I need to sell. 150$ for all 6. I have the top half of a chaos extended rail for the saiga12, I was going to mate it to a fuglystick bottom but ended up liking my stock frontgaurd., make a cash offer... SPF Thanks guys. Will send pics via email if needed.
  7. Stock price drop, first 15$ gets it.... Trade on a pistol grip ? Moe with ace adapter.... or other AK/AR grips? Or a few sections of rail.... AK mag....
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