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  1. Life is crazy what else can I say. Nothing tragic or devastating just LIFE. But I wanted to check in on the Saiga 12 world. Still no doublestacks huh? Oh well. What's some of the cool stuff I missed out on. I'll be browsing the forums but no way to catch up on 4 years. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. So I bought a Battlecomp 2.0 muzzle break for .308 thinking it would fit my 7.62x39. $155 shipped or ill trade it straight out for an AKBC
  3. i personally use an RS Regulate side mount but given your original question i would say TWS or Parabellum AKARS
  4. range report here http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/95348-range-review-of-the-new-20-rd-asian-mags-and-the-30rd-croats/
  5. So I do not have any pics yet but in the next day or two I will have some video (just shooting not a review or anything) On my range outing today I used 2 different AK platform weapons, my Saiga 7.62 and my mini Draco. 4 different magazines types 30rd Bulgy Waffles and the 30 rd Croats as well as 20rd Hungarian Tankers and the 20 rd "Asians" I had sets of four of each type of mag and reloaded the Croats and asians 3 times each I will not say anything about the Hungarian Tankers and the Bulgy Waffles they are both awesome The Croats did not fit in my Draco but performed flawlessly in my Saiga The 20 rd "Asians" fit in both and performed as good as the Hungarian Tankers Both the Croats and Asians are a skinnier metal at the feed lips and the front tab and back lug. I did not do drop tests, they are "surplus" so i didn't think i needed to, but i did do the "Iraqi reload" and there is no evidence of any damage or scuffing on either type. I am completely satisfied with the 20 rd Asians and if the Croats had fit the Draco I would have been completely satisfied with them. That being said, I will not use 30 rd mags in my Mini Draco, so I personally am fine with the Croats. Edit to add SLR rifleworks SR47 Muzzlebreak is awesome. I shot 60 rd without it then put it on and there was noticeable difference in both muzzlerise and felt recoil
  6. i think it depend on where you like your optic. i prefer the TWS in this instance because i like my optics closer to my eyes
  7. GOB please watch this video and at the 2 min mark he says the lettering is facing towards the work. Are you saying to hand thread the die with the lettering away from the work?
  8. if these are any good i will plan on getting a dozen or so... i learned my lesson with those chinese flatbacks for $10 i waited too long i cant wait to see if they are
  9. So I am about to look really Dumb but that is probably the case already. I have no idea what you are talking about? Everything i watched or read led me to believe that the 3 screws were to hold the die in the handle. Are they for adjusting something? Some dies are adjustable some are not. Is the one you have like this? image.jpg nope definitely not
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