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  1. I was just curious if you were going to get the at style buckshot pattern back in stock anytime soon, if so when? Thanks for your excellent business!! AR style* stupid autocorrect, specifically saiga 7.62 size, :-)
  2. i've been wanting to upgrade my iron sights on my saiga, but every time i go online to buy what i decide on i always second guess myself. i'm stuck between getting a mojo micro click ak sight or a parabellum akars with a TWS picatinny rear peep sight. i'm not really a fan of the leaf sights. and for the front sight post i got the plastic ones from C.S.S. but they dont sit well with my OCD cause they're treaded all the way up, even on the post itself, i've been thinking on just putting my stock one back on or get a KNS front sight post and picking up some model glue like i hear people on here d
  3. is the raptor claw barrel shroud/break 1 piece? cause i notice theres a seam near the front end on the pic. i might just end up getting that... wut i wana try n do is electroplate it a 2tone color but keep the end piece black and have the shroud part copper or nickel plated, i also wanna plate the forearm, stock, maybe trigger guard n trigger too
  4. i know where to get their barrel shrouds, i go to their website too often but i'm wanting one made with threads on the front so i can have the shroud with any aftermarket break i want attached to the front.. i hope that makes it more clear
  5. i was wondering if you guys made your barrel shrouds? cause i really like the slotted ar style one you put on your youtube conversion video(part 5 i belive), but i been thinking if it was possible to have one made with threading on the front to attach any muzzle break/door breacher/DNA collector that i would want... Do ya think its possible? i'm broke right now but i'm wishing about it, like tax return time wishing
  6. http://www.echo93.com/#!purchase well here's their website
  7. "Cerakote is an excellent finish. The key to all finishing is the prep work. For best results you will need to blast the item(s) with aluminum oxide for proper adherence, pre-heat the item(s) to bring out any oils and then clean the crap out of it with acetone before you spray it." thanks for that post grumpyone, it looks like it holds up nice... So JT Engineering do i have to use aluminum oxide to blast it?? i'm wondering if i wanna do it myself if picking up a soda blaster from harbor freight would work as well, i've been looking online at caswell forums for building an oven out of
  8. im just wondering if anyone has ever cerakoted their saiga rifles? and if so how does it hold up to the safety lever scratch? some pics would be nice to see, im just trying to decide if it would be worth spending more on cerakote over duracoat. also any info if ya know which type of cerakote was used, heat cured or air cured if known
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