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  1. This. I understand that Pauly may be in a bad place and the idea that he may not be able to complete his obligations are probably weighing on him. So much so that it may be making it difficult to get better. Being able to get peoples parts back to them so that there is one less overwhelming thing to work on and worry about may or may not be enough to get out of the downward spiral. Keeping the parts, not finishing them, and not coping with that may delay the work getting done indefinitely and be a push further down the spiral.
  2. I've kind of been out of Saiga mode for awhile since I've been focused on other things, but came back by here since someone I work with recently became interested in getting a Saiga. Didn't really expect this. I don't feel comfortable reaching out to Pauly since I've never really done business with him or really ever talked to him. But I do live 20 minutes away from the address listed on his Oregon business license. If someone could convince him to hand over the parts and return addresses, I'd pay for return shipping out of pocket to get them back to their owners.
  3. Looking for the large (B3) size backstrap for the Magpul MIAD. Black prefered, but any color would work. Send me a message if you have one you could part with. Thanks. EDIT: Found one, thanks.
  4. This thread http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/12322-miss-saiga-pictures/ in the "Funny - Off Topic" section
  5. Upon further investigation and through advanced computer enhancement techniques, I have concluded that Mike has retired to Florida to stalk the official unofficial Ms. Saiga.
  6. Sarco Inc. seems to have it available for $380 plus shipping. I've heard good things about them on a couple of 1911 boards, but have never dealt with them personally. http://e-sarcoinc.com/rockislandpistols.aspx
  7. Interesting point. It appears that a 19" barrel Saiga 12 is just a little over 28" from the end of the barrel to the rear of the receiver (with the stock tab cut off). I hadn't really thought about how it would be essentially remade from a shotgun to an other firearm. I have read a little bit in the past about ARs being converted from rifle to pistol format and back to rifles. From what I understand in those cases is that it's better to start with a pistol configuration rather than start with a rifle. Some little ATF rules about how the order counts.
  8. You still need to maintain the 26" overall length. I don't know if there is a legal definition for the stock, but I would imagine it would need to have vertical component so that you could argue it would be able to be shouldered. A minimalist folding stock might work if you just left if folded...?
  9. Without going through the hoops of making it an NFA weapon, that's the way I read the law. At that point you'd probably want to make it an SBS anyway. Otherwise, just buy it with the pistol grip only from the factory. If I was going to buy any "firearms having a pistol grip that expel a shotgun shell" I would either buy it new in box, or find out if the factory would confirm that serial number as being in the proper configuration when it was made. Better safe than sorry.
  10. Glad to hear that it wasn't stolen. Hopefully it'll stay that way. My suggestion if it had been delivered (besides contacting the postal inspector) would have been to talk to the kid the next time I saw him. Don't accuse him of anything, just say you noticed him and that truck when one of your packages went missing. Ask him if he saw anything suspicious, and mention that some "firearm stuff" was stolen and the FBI/ATF/Secret Service might need to talk to him about it and that truck. Chances are it would have shown up pretty quickly...or ended up in the bottom of a lake I suppose.
  11. Question 18 on a 4473 covers this: So a pistol grip only shotgun from the manufacturer is an "Other" weapon, not an "Any Other Weapon." Converting it from a shotgun (has shoulder stock) to a pistol grip would be an issue. Also, since a pistol grip only shotgun is not a shotgun or rifle (it's other), it can't be transferred to someone under the age of 21.
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