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  1. 4 - New SGM saiga 12 magazines 12 rounds - $95 shipped 2 - New Molot vepr 12 magazines 10 rounds - $145 shipped All prices include shipping. Payment will need to be discreet PayPal.
  2. Was going through my closet and found a bunch of new parts that I don't have use for anymore. I accept PayPal or USPS money order. All prices include shipping and are brand new unless otherwise noted. AK-100 Russian Folding Stock Kit 5.5mm - $250 Draco Gas Tube - $45 AKFST Magna-Matic Front Sight Tool - $30 Magpul AR-10 308 Pmags (10 round) - $20 each Canis AK to M4 Stock Adapter (slightly used) - SOLD Bulgarian Krinkov Top Cover - SOLD ALG Trigger Group - SOLD Ultimak M1B - SOLD
  3. Rifle Dynamics stock adapter - $55 shipped each Rifle Dynamics triangle stock pouch (black) - $50 shipped Asrenal KR-HGB krinkov polymer handguard set (black) - $95 shipped Used krinkov wood hanguard set - $55 shipped Bulgarian AK wood furntiure set (blonde) - $85 shipped
  4. Selling a slightly used RPK/Vepr 12 Quad Rail by Fab Defense. This is a really nice quad rail, but I decided to stick with the polymer handguards instead. Nothing has ever been mounted on the rails which is why I am selling it. Didn't ever have a need for the rail space on my shotgun. Price is $185 shipped.
  5. For sale is an original Russian Saiga 12K shotgun imported by legion. Immdediately after receiving this gun I sent it over to Tony at Tromix and had him do his 8" SBS build on it. Gun is basically brand new. I just got the gun back from Tromix and have not even fired it yet. Due to lack of funds to finish up a house project I am regrettably putting this one of a kind Tromix shotgun up for sale. Price is $3,500 shipped.
  6. Below is a list of 5/8-24 barrel threading parts I bought from CNC warrior along. I used them one time and now I no longer have a use for them. $65 shipped for everything. 23982 5/8-24 RH Die $30.53 23432 5/8-24 RH Die Starter TAT for 7.62 $6.99 25459 0.62 Annular Cutter $54 25430 Barrel Sizing Ring Set 5/8-24 $3.99
  7. I am open to all ideas just like the thread states.
  8. Hey guys, I am in the process of building a Saiga 8" SBS. I was hoping you all could offer up some advice and/or unique ideas for iron sights or low pro mounted optic. I have already decided against H&K sights, so that's not an option. I am looking at CSS or Kebs bolt on AK style sights. Links listed below. Does anyone have any experience with the bolt on sights or have any other options to offer? http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-sightset.htm http://www.krebscustom.com/products/48/Krebs-Custom-SAIGA12-Combat-Shotgun-Sites
  9. Are the tantal mags as reliable as the surplus Bulgarian and Russian mags?
  10. ~$25 each for surplus mags is the lowest going rate for them anymore. They used to be $8 a pop but those days are long gone. Where is that deal at?
  11. Hey guys I have been on this forum for a while, but mainly for Saiga 12 section. I just recently bought my very first AK-74 which is an Arsenal and need a recommendation on mags and the cheapest place to buy them? I have looked around a little and holy shit they seem pricey compared to 7.62 mags? Best and cheapest placeto buy would be great? Does anywhere run any sales on AK-74 mags that I should wait for?
  12. This is exactly why forums drive me nuts sometimes. Some dumbass spreads a bunch of incorrect information and then other dumbasses come along and take it for gospel then regurgitate it somewhere else. These ARE indeed XN models so lets spread the word and let the forum members have the first shot at these guns with an incredibly low price. Also, Pre-XN MKAs have not been around for quite a while to my knowledge.
  13. I am pretty pumped about picking several up for myself. Those aren't those goofy two piece glued together models either. They are the real deal one piece construction models.
  14. Op, in regards to the "D mod"....... That particular mod is for obstructed gas ports wether they be factory size or enlarged. Really doesn't matter which shape or direction in which you enlarge the gas block hole as long as it removes any obstructions around the gas ports. You probably have undersized gas ports and/or gas port obstructions from the gas block it you didn't notch it out correctly. These two issues cause 99% of all cycling issues. Cobra Customs reprofile and polish of the internals will definitely give you some good help on making the gun cycle better. But, at the end of th
  15. Well done T&N, Thanks for keeping the price of the BR99 down. Isxevo, purchased a MKA & spent a lot of cash on it & it didn't work. Let's see his first report on the BR99. Every time anybody has something good to say about the BR99, All you get is cheap snide remarks. Just waiting for the next Gimp to chip in about how great his over priced MKA is ZZZZZZZ Grima, dont know where you came up with that??? I never had any problems with the MKA I bought??? It actually worked really well. Basically, I bought one of the first few XN models from T&N whe
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