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  1. Arsenal SGL31 in 5.45x39mm. This is Arsenal, not FIME, and is becoming harder to come by. Has a cold-hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel and is very accurate. Has light finish wear in the usual places but not abused in any way, will include 1 plum Izzy mag. Listing it here before it goes on GB. Asking $1250 with one magazine. $20 shipped to your FFL. Contact through here or email HARDATAQ@GMAIL.COM with any questions. No trade interests at this time.
  2. Will do $265 shipped on the PK01V, $70 shipped on the Dynacomp
  3. Taking offers on anything, ordered parts for a new build and my credit card hurts.
  4. SOLD Selling this new PK-01V purchased new this year. Not a ding, scratch, or scuff on it, looks and functions like brand new. $265 shipped SOLD SOLD Kalashnikov USA sling. It's origins are cloudy, the only story I'd heard about them was that they were imported with Saigas many moons ago and are now pretty few-and-far-between. Definitely a stand-out part on your gun. Stamped Made in Russia on the back, leather straps and metal buckles. Really awesome piece. $50 +5 shipping SOLD SPF Molot grip fresh off of a VEPR 12, $20 +5 shipping SPF SPF Black US Palm AK grip (gen 2) $19 + $5 shipping SPF Also have a Spikes Dynacomp Short in great shape - $70 shipped Paypal accepted, please message me here as it's the fastest way to get to me. Indiana residents can save a little money on shipping if they're willing to meet me near the Muncie area.
  5. SPF Just got this last week, it saw 50 rounds, functioned *awesome* keeps you on target. Just makes my shotgun too long to fit in my tiny safe. $95 shipped for both to any Saiga-12 member, or would love to trade for a Novekse Kx3 Flaming Pig flash hider. This is listed on 2 other forums so first come first serve! Paypal accepted as gift. Email is ok too at HARDATAQ@GMAIL.COM ::edit:: There's some dust on it in the picture, it looks just like brand new, no dings scuffs or scratches.
  6. Barrage

    VEPR brake woes

    I ordered a GK01 this evening, I'm sure I'll like it just fine. Thanks guys.
  7. Barrage

    VEPR brake woes

    I'm taking possession of a new VEPR 12 tomorrow, really excited. Originally my "dream" for the gun was to chop the barrel down a little and install a CSS GK-01 clone to bring the barrel length up back to legal (SBS not legal in my state). I read an older previous thread on the matter, as well as spoke to Shannon at Cobra's and it looks like to handle it would be far more trouble than it's worth legally for an Indiana resident, as well as probably being a better idea to get the Russian steel GK-01 throwing me further down the 922r hole. I really love the look of the VEPR with the GK-01 however with the factory barrel length I feel like it's way too long. Do I have *any* other options to achieve this goal here? (Other than moving ) I'm completely unversed in the happenings of NFA regulations so your expertise would be appreciated. Thanks for your help guys!
  8. I've used a PK01V from Atlantic Firearms on mine before and it was fine removing it a few times. It was mostly just for goofing around before it went on an SGL21, but man it looked pretty dang cool on the SGL12 while it was on there... Fromer's Fun Fact: you can remove your dust cover, recoil spring, and bolt carrier with it attached if you're that worried about it, just takes a little finesse.
  9. Barrage

    .308 Kushnapup

    I think it's pretty sweet, not enough white guns around. How's it shoot?
  10. OP actually delivers! Alright I picked up some better targets and 3 boxes of WPA 123g HP's, not because I think they're great but just because they'd be more consistent with each other than my grab bag ammo (most of which I discovered is Tula). I tightened up my optic and removed my muzzle brake and started zeroing. Ignoring the zeroing 3-round groups in the center target I started with the group on the bottom left, 5 rounds all within 1". I gave my optic another click to the right and shot the group on the top left. A little wider, around 1.5". From there I shot the group on the top right, again about 1.5 or so. After that I set up a new target and reattached my muzzle brake to see if that was the culprit (I knew it wasn't, but I'll have more on that later). Here's the next group fired on a fresh target: About the same as the last two groups. I fired a few similar groups and by this point the barrel was starting to get pretty hot and my eyes (and concentration) were getting a little fatigued. Against my better judgment I threw up another target and this horrible group happened: The group in the middle looks pretty similar to my old groups. The group on the bottom left was almost funny, lol. Nice dice pattern...it was all over. Just to make damn sure that I was just getting really fatigued I grabbed my AR and shot the top left target through an Aimpoint Pro. Yeah...I was feeling the fatigue, lol. Nice to have verification though! So what was the problem? I think I was being a cocky bitch for the most part. As soon as I sat down this time I took my mind back to the basics. Slow down. Good cheek weld. Stop breathing. Slow squeeze and follow through. It immediately struck me what I wasn't doing last time: cheek weld. After the first shot I noticed the stock slipped down my cheek and the dot was way off center in the optic. I started pulling the trigger again but stopped and thought "what the hell are you doing?" From then on I *really* started focusing. Keeping tight on the rifle and locking it down was when I'd get my best groups. I did notice the table I was shooting from had a decent amount of sway. I think there are a couple other minor factors at play that could tighten them up a little further, but on the whole I think I just needed to shoot better. Shooting from an actual bench, not a wobbly card table and a lawn chair (hey, I said I lived in Indiana). Anyway, I don't know how do better my endurance for eye strain, but it's at least nice knowing that "rifle is fine". Goes to show what mental gymnastics you can put yourself through when your ego gets in the way. Thanks for the replies, guys, and thanks for the help! Oh and a bonus pic for those who stuck around!
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, really. I actually went back through a ton of my history on my local forum and found the original seller's contact info. He PM'ed me this morning and said he honestly remembers putting only around 1,000 rounds through it, I've put maybe 800, so it's really a baby in it's life. I will remove the muzzle brake next time I shoot, and I will only shoot ammo from unopened boxes next time I do tests. I *did* tighten the clamp on the PK01v, and grabbing on to it and trying to force it around it doesn't move, but I may tight it another tooth or two just in case. I'll also post pictures of the crown when I get home from work. As far as my shooting ability, the only other rifle I own is an AR build, every time I try and buy another rifle I wind up buying another shotgun. It's a Spike's lower, Daniel Defense upper. It has an Aimpoint Pro and a Geissele SSA in the accuracy mod department. Generally speaking casually shooting my groups can range from a ragged hole at 25 yards, to the size of a quarter depending on how long I'm taking. I don't know if that would translate to the groups your seeing, I don't know. It should be nice out today as well, I will try and get some more lead downrange and see if anything improves. Thanks again for the replies!
  12. Hey guys, quick story. I bought an Arsenal SGL21-61 used in 2012 for $600 (sweet deal). Around the same time I bought around 2,000 rounds of a mix of Tula/Wolf/WPA and threw them all in the same cans loose, like a fool. The original owner of the rifle is a reputable guy, by most standards. He told me that the rifle had seen "thousands of rounds", and I didn't think at the time to see if he could ballpark that a little closer. He said it had been used as a demo gun at suppressor shoots as well as taken to training classes. This winter I took it out for the first time in probably 6-8 months or so. I figured I'd try and make sure it was still zeroed and fired 5 rounds at 25 yards and had something horrendous like a 5" group with no real pattern to it. These were firing from prone. A couple weeks later Atlantic got in a fresh batch of PK01V's that I'd apparently told them to notify me of when they got back in stock. I bought one, tightened it up, and attached it to the rifle. I also installed a G2 trigger group on the same day, thinking it may also shrink my group size. I grabbed some of my grab-bag ammo (either Wolf/Tula/WPA) and headed out to my 25y range in my back yard, with similar results. Even firing VERY slowly, taking my time, practicing proper breathing and trigger control/follow through. Still a sloppy looking group (pictured) That seems a little horrendous to me for an Arsenal with a red dot at 25 yards. I ran the results by an AK guru on a local forum and he recommend I try different ammo. Today was actually warm in Indiana so I bought some 123grain MFS 7.62x39 and I headed out to the range. I set up a make shift bench which seemed stable and just sat back for about a half hour taking my time trying to place good shots (regrettably I only had one target left...and some cardboard and a marker.) Here are the two groups I shot. The target on the left is MFS 123 grain which I shot first, the second "target" is my grab bag ammo, after clicking the PKO1V to the left a few clicks. Shoot me straight, fellers. Think it's the problem of a crappy shooter (you won't hurt my feelings) or do you think there could be something at play with the rifle? What should I look for? You can see the tape measure on the right target, that's almost a 3" group at 25 yards from a bench with an optic, slow-firing. Any advice you guys could pass along would be really appreciated.
  13. Mere weeks before the great panic of 2012 started I was lucky enough to grab a SGL12-07 at their introductory price. I had a few cycling issues and the bolt was finished pretty aggressively at the factory and it wasn't possible to charge from a closed bolt. The bolt had a sharp piece of slag hanging off the bottom that would literally cut into the top round and nix the ability to charge from a closed bolt at all. I was planning on doing some polishing myself but after looking into it I decided I simply didn't have the time or tools to do it properly. Around the beginning of the year I sent my parts in to Cobra's Customs for the basic service. I had an overall pleasant experience in dealing with Shannon and he answered all my questions quickly. After I got my parts back I was really impressed. It's coming right up on a year since he'd worked on them and I've put hundreds of rounds through my SGL 12 in that time and I have had nothing but positive experiences. My ability to charge from a closed bolt was restored, and the action feels like butter. After about 6 months I'd completely forgotten about the work he'd done and took my smooth action for granted, then I shot a friends Saiga 12 and the difference was pretty staggering, to say the least. Here's a quick video review I did on Cobra's work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMALe4gExNs He still maintains contact with me to make sure everything still works smoothly (and it does). If I purchase another Saiga 12 I wouldn't have any hesitation about sending it back to Shannon. I believe he does an amazing job, and his quick turnaround time is just a bonus.
  14. Barrage

    My S12

    Ever try a US Palm? I put one on my SGL21 and never looked back, it's been on every AK I've had since then including my SGL12. Really comfortable and a little storage too!
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