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  1. Do you know what thread I would need.I heard that the Winchester threads are correct.
  2. Then wake up Ladies, Steel 10rd mags made by Bora, for the BR99 (will fit the MKA) Here's a little vid, test firing them. http://youtu.be/zBeP-dvpX18 Ok. Where do you get them?
  3. Can anyone help me in finding a 4 inch barrel extension for my MKA 1919 XN.All the ranges in my area require a 24 inch barrel to shoot clays.(Because all the yuppie f%&ks moved in near the range)The range said that it makes a difference in the sound.If I can I would like to get one that will allow me to put the chokes in the end.
  4. I have one of these limbsavers on my shotgun and my .308. There great.Here is the part number if interested10025
  5. If you have a FB stock.You can add a single point sling right here.I did it on this side because I am left handed.You would just mount it on the other side for a right handed app.
  6. My full choke wont even fit in the barrel.The other two work fine.
  7. That should be a warranty thing.
  8. I have a screw in breach brake for a MKA 1919 that I dont use it any more.I figure a fair price is 25.00 plus 8.00 shipping.If any one it interested PM me.
  9. Take them apart.And use a glass bead blaster.Lower the pressure to 70 psi.That is about the only way.
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