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  1. After hearing people were only getting one I was surprised to find out that I got two 5 rnd Molot mags with my Vepr. I bought mine from Mach1Arsenal
  2. Apparently a metal 3D printer exists, but there is a lot of caution around them because of the possibility of creating weapons.
  3. There are places that actually rent the printers out by the minute, but you can also buy them at reasonable prices now. I haven't tried to 3D print anything yet, but it's not supposed to be terribly hard. Apparently with the Defense Distributed .stl files in CAD all you have to do is press PRINT.
  4. The AR15 30rnd mag file is already out there on defcad.org, but what if someone created a CAD file of a Vepr12 higher capacity mag? Who would try it? Who wants to build it?? I'm just excited to learn about this technology and now I'm dreaming of the possibilities. Any thoughts? Any ideas?
  5. Yeah, I hate the idea of making a permanent mod when I might switch to something else someday. Let me know how it goes!
  6. How is that working out for you? Does it fold correctly?? I'm wanting to put the ACS-L on one, but I think it's too wide
  7. Tried that, the SGM mags don't move enough to make a difference
  8. Luckily I got a good good dealer who gave me two factory Molot mags because my two 10 rnd SGM mags fail to feed almost every time. The factory mags work smooth as hell, I'm wondering if it's possible to get the SGM mags to perform just as well. Any suggestions?
  9. Awesome, I really liked the ACS-L and hearing that kindof hurt Can't wait to see if you can pull it off! That's what I was hoping. Still can't find dimensions on width though. I never wanted the ACS because it seemed way too fat, but I still wanted a place to store my "tactical treats" lol...
  10. Ahhh just as I'd feared. I'll keep looking. I'm looking at the CTR, but I can't find any specs on the width of these stocks
  11. I'd love a 22" barrel. Mostly because it would look insane
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