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  1. And I like how everyone still has the same profile pics as 10 years ago
  2. That is me a few months after Katrina when the weinermobile parked a few blocks from my house lol. I miss being able to walk down the street with a saiga 12 and nobody giving a damn.
  3. That's a pretty good price. Hope they get some with the 23 inch barrel or better yet 5.45 RPK.
  4. Agreed and I can understand it gets old seeing the same thread over and over. look at the 922 section
  5. Come on man, its sound cooler for him to say chaos instead of total f**king wreck and people with bad taste do not understand quality in anyway UTG and Chaos is the same rail to them. Both will mount a bi-pod for a sniper shotgun
  6. No. That post is about the fact everyone is aware they have varying dimensions. No one said it would be easy to make an after market mag but this is an old cop-out. I have noticed the butthurt from the slightest hint the mags don't work. Yes people should contact SGM directly if they have a mag problem. But trying to keep the hush on it and posting with an attitude every time you see someone post a thread that they have a problem I don't get. It is good for me as a buyer to know a "possibility" of a problem with a product. Then make my own choice if I want to buy it. Blaming the gun hs been
  7. He has a IZ-433 thats the Russian magwell. If you remove it the cut in the front of the magwell opening is to large to use rock and lock mags again. The only way is to make an adapter plate that would bolt to the bottom of the receiver and fill that gap in.
  8. Fearing high capacity soda and magazines since 2012 ETA: the date is wrong but hey
  9. Guess I'll send my gun off for reliability service because it must be the guns.
  10. No. Total different mag. Vepr is also single stack and PSL is double stack. If you can get PSL mags at 50$ that's a good price now. I just sold four on GB this morning for 340$. They are going for 75-90$ each on ebay and gunbroker
  11. Can You post a pic of it? Some don't reuse the gas tube on SBS builds. And as posted above Dinzag may have one
  12. What's the difference between the vepr mags and the mags for the saiga's with the russian magwell exactly? Anybody have both?
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