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  1. Kinda figured there wasn't a puck worth getting... I was already thinking about a limb saver. I just wasn't too happy about making the Vep's even longer. I guess 1 1/2 or so wouldn't kill me... I have the bonesteel folder on it now and have the folding extension tube on it's way. Any ideas is the LimbSaver will fit the former??? And the Endine seems pretty bad-ass although I've never seen it before. Has anyone actually installed on these on their Vepr's and not Saiga's? Not that I would think there would be much of a difference as long as the stock was compatible which I think the Bon
  2. Anybody know if there are any after market gas pucks that will make the recoil a little bit less on some heavier rounds... Like 00 Buck and Slugs or high-velocity... Something that will allow a little bit of the gas to come out the front instead of all of it being blown back... it's not like I don't think the bruises on my shoulder are sexy, I'd just like less of them after being out on the range for a few hours and few hundred rounds... Or do you guys have a better suggestion that doesn't require me to be a gunsmith???
  3. Got my 5 mags this past week. From order to door was only 3 days! WOW!!! Awesome! Can't wait to run them....
  4. Just bought 5!!!! yeeeehawwwww.....
  5. Spoke with Chris down at Bonesteel via email and he said that the stocks are gonna be coming in this week. Anyway... Just ordered the left folder with extension tube. Has anyone had problems with these? Installation? And any problems with different stocks from Magpul and such easily going on???
  6. Hey guys... thanks for the advice.... I've basically been doing what you all said. I guess I can be a little neurotic when it comes to my firearms! I bet none of you know that feeling! 8)
  7. Hey guys... I've had my Vepr for about 3months now and love it... Cleaned it a few times but feel as if I can clean it better... Does anybody have any tips, secrets or recommendations?? Or has anybody posted some videos on cleaning it??? I tried searching for a topic but came up empty handed...
  8. Hey... Thanks for the advice! I am by far not savvy enough to re-wrok the FCG but I have a guy in Ohio, where I'm from that can definitely get the job done! I'm gonna give it a shot. Thank you for the feedback! Will keep you posted!
  9. That's almost exactly how much mine jammed! Funny but my benelli M2 will cycle anything! Wish the Vepr was the same! Also, any ideas about the mag catch not grabbing? It happens with the factory mags and SGM mags. A wiggle will get it to catch but in a stressful situation, needing to give it a wiggle can get you killed!
  10. Mine came with 2.... Got it from Mach 1 Arsenal and Kerry the owner was amazing to deal with!!! Coolest guy ever!
  11. Ok... Just got my Vepr 12 and was obviously super excited to test it out. I was lucky enough to score 6 SGM 12 round mags and 6 factory 5-round mags.... Thank god! These are hard to come by and I hope to get my hands on some Russian 8-rounders. Day 1- Had 3 boxes of Winchester & Fiocchi 7 1/2 birdshot, 2 boxes of Hornady Tap 00buck and 20 rounds of Federal rifled slugs. I brought all the factory mags and 2 SGM mags. I've read countless times that the SGM mags suck but I was optimistic. The factory mags rocked! Not one problem. Now it was time for the SGM's. Keepin' my fingers cros
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