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  1. Looking to buy one of the pignose adapters that will work with the tromix back plate.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I've done about 8 conversions myself over the last several years. I was down to one S12 which was the very first conversion I did. I messed up the barrel threads and my work looked ugly (doing this first one taught me alot). It sat in the safe for the last several years and I decided to send it off to Tromix to have the work corrected and couldn't decide on the stock. I've had S12's with the Ace folders, Kvar stocks, collapsibles. I liked them all honestly, but back then I had the options to choose between them. Anyway, now that I was having the build done,
  3. I know I haven't been on in a long while and I apologize for that. Anyway, I need your help. I have a build waiting. I have no idea what stocks I'm going to use. The S12 has a vent rib and I'd like to have a good cheek weld to use with that. On to the question: Cut the tang and weld plate or leave tang?
  4. ........and permanently attach a flash hider to make it 18" or do I have to have a manufacturers license/other license to legally cut it since technically it would be a SBS as soon as it was cut?
  5. First, Does anyone know if EAA ever made a 23" barrel s12? I have an EAA s12 unthreaded long barrel model. I was measuring to chop the barrel, measuring from inside the bore to the breech face and it measured 23". Not thinking anything of it, I subtracted my amount to cut to 18.5" from the breech face and then got to thinking....If EAA didn't manufacture a 23" barrel and what I had was actually a 22" barreled gun that measured 23" from the breech face, then where did EAA measure from? Just don't want to be an inch to short.
  6. The handguard rocks. Very high quality. Couldn't be happier.
  7. Very good communication. Trustworthy buyer.
  8. I have an Ace Ak Universal Receiver block and and Ace Ultra Light Modular Fixed Stock with the Pignose adapter for sale or trade. It's ready to throw on the gun. It has been installed and has been out for one range trip but that's it. I'd like to trade the Receiver block for an Ace internal (cut the tang) block, the Ultra Light Modular Stock for an Ace Skeleton Stock or a Tromix stock (I'll add cash). Will trade the entire setup for a Tromix Stock and Tromix Backplate or Sell as a set for $95 Shipped. SPF to Gas Giant
  9. Just a heads up if anyone is looking for one of the factory wood stocked long barrel S308's. I saw a LGS had one in stock, didn't look like it had been fired for $575. I am not affiliated with them, just know they are good to deal with. Their info is Wanamaker Guns out of Indianapolis. I know it's a business but since I didn't ask to post their phone number, I won't, so PM me if you're interested and I'll send it to you or I think they have a website that may have it. Sorry Mod's if it's posted in the wrong area, but since I wasn't selling it, I didn't want to post it in the for sale.
  10. Thanks Mike, I choose: 3337 2941 774
  11. I just received another notice from UPS that my drums are enroute and will be here tomorrow!!!!
  12. I received a shipping notice from UPS with tracking number today as well. It had an expected delivery date of today, but seeing as the label was just made yesterday, I didn't think that was likely. But I'm ecstatic! I may not sleep until they get here.
  13. No, I forget that guys name at Plainfield shooters supply, these guys are at Wanamaker Guns, they're good people, not your typical stuck up know it all owners, don't get me wrong, the knowledge is there, they just don't shove it in your face, ha.
  14. Seven Saiga 12's model IZ109 19" threaded barrel. NIB $575 each FTF in Indianapolis, or $600 Shipped Continental U.S. If interested call 317-862-4867, ask for Scott or Tony, and tell them Josh told you about them or they'll be confused. I am not an employee of the gunstore, just know they've been hard to come buy recently and several people were looking for them. Mod's If I've posted this in the wrong place, feel free to move or delete.
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