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  1. The only place I was taught to fire a warning shot in the military was Turkey 1990, of course they thought that the MWD's were lethal force. This goes to show no good deed goes unpunished in society.
  2. If you order the SGM magazines I would say order one at a time to check. I messed up and ordered 4 for the 433 and they had issues with the LRBHO and my VEPR magazine wouldn't seat properly. I hope you have better luck.
  3. Do all SGM Saiga L magazines fit the same way or do I have a bad batch. If the 030 and the VEPR kind if interchange why does the round set so far back in the magazine on the 030. Also when loading the magazines by hand or unloading the rounds, they catch near the top of the magazine making me manually move the round to allow feeding.
  4. Here are the pictures of the problem I'm having with the SGM magazines. The LRBHO is closing on the Base of the round causing it to not feed or load. I also noticed that the round sets further back in the SGM compared to the other two. The only issue I have with the VEPR magazine is it falls out when firing. I have tried to modify it but took to much material off causing it to be loose and not fix the falling issue. I sent an email to SGM on or about 12 Apr 13 from their website with no response. I purchased 4 magazines at once made especially for the IZ-433 030 model. Has anyone had any issue
  5. The 4 magazines I purchased from the e store were SGMT1210L but my IZ-433 030 is not converted, it doesn't have the pistol grip. I also read about the 433A not working with anything but factory magazines, this also seemed odd. The dealer that sold me the weapon says he can remove the factory magwell and it will work with the rock and locks magazines, but being he did not have any in stock he couldn't prove it. The info I had said the receiver was milled more from the factory so standard magazines would not work. Thinking seriously about selling my IZ-433 and finding one already converted and w
  6. I recently purchased an IZ-433 at a gun show in Pace Florida and I have had a problem with finding magazines that work with my gun. I tried adapting a rock and lock magazine but it would not seat in place. Second I purchased a VEPR-12 magazine and again it would not seat all the way. Both would fall out when firing but cycled perfectly. I repeatedly slapped the crap out of them but was worried the magwell would break. I thought I solved the problem when I purchased 4 new SGM 10 rounders made just for the unconverted IZ-433 030 model. They all seated properly but the round sit farther back in t
  7. You shouldn't have tried to modify it. Before you changed anything did you slap the mag in hard? I ask because these mags are known to have a break in period. Treat'em rough or send them into SGM for a replacement. Modifying it voids the warranty. If I hit them any harder It would be bleeding. I could manually hold the mag and it worked fine but the plastic magwell has me worried about being to rough though. And I know the warranty would be voided after my alteration but the magazines are so hard to fine I thought I would try it. Lesson learned.
  8. Since this post I've bought 4 of the 030 SGM magazines from the Saiga E store for the unmodified IZ-433 030 magwell. All four will seat properly but loading and feeding are another issue. I'm able to chamber one round twice and couldn't cycle the rest by hand. I opened the cover and noticed the LRBHO lever was hitting the base or the round instead of behind it. When I pushed the round into the correct position it would load but the next round would not cycle. I am contacting SGM about the magazines and going to the company that sold me the weapon for some resolution I hope. I love my Saiga but
  9. My VEPR mag wouldn't lock all the way. The Magazine would fall out after the first shot. Unable to modify it to work $40 experiment. Just got mine on the 16th for $899
  10. Purchased a VEPR 10 rounder from SMG but when I fired the weapon the magazine would fall out, I noticed the magazine was not seating all the way. I attempted to file the mag to see if it would fit properly but wasn't able to make it work. On a side note the factory 4 rounder works flawlessly.
  11. Just picked up my S-12 030 and it runs great on factory magazines, low and high brass. Hard time finding magazines though. Attempted to modify a SGM 10 rounder with no joy and a VEPR 10 rounder also. Guess I'll wait out the buying frenzy and get the 030 ones. Anyhow love the gun and the site has given me some great ideas for upgrades. Hats off to everyone
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