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  1. doodi1

    MD Arms Double Stack Mag Patent

    and wait and wait and wait....................................and wait!
  2. doodi1

    Introducing The Chaos WOC-12!

    This is Fantastic! I am super stoked to order one!
  3. doodi1

    AR15 -> Vepr-12 grip adapter

    Very nice. I like it!
  4. Keep it. If you sell you will regret it.
  5. doodi1

    Saiga IZ-433 Bolt Hold Open Release

    I would be interested also. I would buy 4 of them.
  6. doodi1

    Double Stack Pics

    This thread is turned into such a circle jerk! If MD Arms puts out a double stack magazine of between 10 and 20 rounds, it will sell like hotcakes. I'll be in for minimum of 5 and up to 10 of them. Mike Just Do it!
  7. doodi1

    S12 #2

    Great job! Let's see some pictures as this thing progresses. So, you just bought 4 more Saiga 12's, how many do you have in total? I have three and looking to add a fourth one very soon.
  8. doodi1

    Thinking....the unthinkable...

    SLAAAAP! Stop this none sense. If you don't go out there and do senseless mag dump after mag dump ( yes I know it's fun!) these things are built like tanks. They will last you a long time worst comes to worst, you can buy a cheap Chinese clone and beat that to shit.
  9. doodi1

    Selectable gas system fix

    I hope that event events have not slowed the development of this new gas system fix. I still have 6 shotguns that can benefit from it and I am sure there are many more out there that are very interested.
  10. doodi1

    Is this real? Did Obama ban SAIGA?

    CSSPECS mags are the best deal now. I will stock up on them over the next few months. Need both VEPR 12 mags and Saiga 12 mags.
  11. I just bought 15 Mags for my VEPR 308 and Saiga 308 rifles. I will be buying 10!each Saiga 12 and VEPR 12 mags as soon as I replenish my gun fund.
  12. doodi1

    Csspecs steel 8rd Vepr-12 mag final model.

    These are looking really good. Will you be offering the Nitride finish on them?
  13. doodi1

    Selectable gas system fix

    Excellent. Thank you. I'll be following this thread for further developments.