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  1. U can also just take the safety lever off the gun and shave down the notch...ez fix
  2. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me (:tear:)! Now gimme a damn drum mag nowwwww
  3. Well i put these on the other forum and lived to tell the tale so I guess i might as well throw em up here:
  4. Onetap

    vepr12 problem?

    "tanya" is katie holmes in russian! Btw that is an incredibly sexy rig! My kingdom for that gk01
  5. Any1 have any insight on which/if any of the saiga couplers will work with factory v12 mags?
  6. I wish someone would make a coupler for em...although i guess it wouldnt be super hard to just fabricate yourself
  7. Bring on the 10 rounders for $40!!!
  8. Onetap

    vepr12 problem?

    The bolt carrier rails (in the receiver AND on the actual carrier) with emory cloth, 1000 grit sandpaper, and a little bit of oil...buffed with a knockoff dremel, took all of a half hour. Next step for me is sending it off for the robar np3 coating! If u guys havent checked them out you should, ive heard nothing but good things
  9. Onetap

    vepr12 problem?

    Anybody else notice my gf shot 11 rounds out of the 10 round mag (nothing in the pipe)? Ive heard of 10 round saiga mags fitting 11 rounds but i didnt know the sgm's did that..
  10. Onetap

    vepr12 problem?

    Edit: that video was the game loads...not 00
  11. Onetap

    vepr12 problem?

    Lol dont you dare tell her that! I about died when i seen that thing climb on her...to her credit it was 3" 00buck though
  12. Onetap

    vepr12 problem?

    Annnnd the gf with some 00buck:
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