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  1. SlickMick


  2. She is far from perfect ... in fact she's not even finished ... but I think she's pretty hot right now!
  3. I'll be taking a close look at mine soon. Any videos for cutting the shroud off?
  4. Thanks for the insight on TAC 47, Jet. The more I research, they seem to come out on top. I got an estimate from them on the "wish list" I sent with some good feedback on some things overlooked. I will ask them about wait time. I would do it myself as carl-g suggested but ... no time + no experience = no positive expectations. Besides, the less time I spend tearing it apart / tearing it up ... is more time I can spend on the range! Thanks!!
  5. Thanks Jet. I should have specified. I have a stock IZ 132 and am looking for another with the FCG forward, Nato stock, etc. Nothing too extreme, just a mild "conversion" on a yet to be purchased IZ 132.
  6. At the potential risk of opening the proverbial can of worms, I am nevertheless humbly requesting insight. Can anyone specify the inherent difference between an IZ 132 conversion built by Legion USA and TAC 47? I realize both are merchants here, but I am considering purchasing a converted 7.62 and was wondering if anyone has experience with either of these folks. Any insight is appreciated.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the input and for the welcome to the forum. From the posts I've browsed, this place seems to contain a wealth of knowledge with a few good laughs along the way. My rifle should arrive next week and I'm sure I'll encounter a reason or two to seek some input. Thanks again!!
  8. Realizing the potential can-o-worms this may open, having just purchased my first Saiga rifle (IZ 132) I am curious if Saiga is pronounced as "say-guh" or "sigh-guh" ? I have heard both and am curious if there is a consensus.
  9. Hello All ! I am new to this forum. I have just ordered a Saiga IZ 132 and am very excited for its arival. I've been a fan of the 7.62x39 running it through my Mini 30 (I can hear the jokes now ) but decided to switch teams. Get to know the original, so to speak.
  10. SlickMick


    Hello, I am new to this forum as well. I live between Roanoke and Lynchburg. There's a IWL north of Lynchburg, and a few clubs around (Bedford, and Red 6). My employer has a 50 yard range but access is limited to one particular day a week. I just bought a Saiga IZ 132 and can't wait for it to arrive. I was going broke trying to buy the brass for my Mini 30 so I had to switch teams.
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