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  1. According to Chaos and my findings my issues appear to be related to a miss alignment of the gas block... its off several degrees. I know this is a old thread but it may help someone else who's having cycling issues. I tired everything before contacting chaos. Opened up the gas ports and the whole of the gas block. Puck Recoil spring. Polishing profiling of bolt and carrier. Saiga 12 modifications Folding Stock AR-15 Buffer tube Converted Grip AR-15 Rubber Grip Chaos Full Rail H&K Sights FLX Cree Light Vortex Strike Fire 2 Trigger job - Polished Surface - Re profiled ham
  2. Ive had FTE's for some time after the rail apparently ive been going about it all the wrong way. First sent parts to pauly... nuff said. Finally go those back. Polished and re profiled the outfit myself. opend ports up to .093 Auto plug JTE Recoil Spring CSS Puck Didnt know the alignment needed to be checked. I have a machinest that can make any changes that I need to the shotgun. Thanks for the post. May call you tomorrow Cameron.
  3. I stopped by cabellas and purchased some fiocchi shotgun shells that run at 1200 FPS They ejected and ran just fine. Winchester 7.5 seems to run pretty good. Its just the Winchester Universal #8's that dont seem to function very well. Id been buying some cheap shells at walmart... I love to shoot the gun... Cheaper shells means more shooting... The most force occures when the bolt hits the hammer after firing... Very stiff there and is for at least 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of movement. When the hammer is cocked theres not a whole lot of drag going on. I know theres some mor
  4. I had already rounded it down some but its not a smooth curve like you have there.. at the top of yours.
  5. I messed with the action alot last night... When the bolt hits the hammer (after the hammer has dripped) its like its against a wall... theres a lot of drag there.. its like the bolt runs into a wall of great resistance... Im probably going to more agressivly round the top of the hammer and see if that doenst help. Im going to do some more testing with some other shotgun rounds and see how it does. Yes Fail to Eject yes
  6. I was wrong it was #8 winchester universal that wouldnt run. I put the stock puck back in and frog lubed the crap out of the thing and it ejected 1 our of 4 #8's 6's run 7.5's stove pipe occationally. Thanks
  7. 4 ports Seems like i heard that somewhere once before... If thats the case what do I do then?
  8. Folding Stock Ace with AR-15 Buffer tube Converted Grip AR-15 houg Rubber Grip Chaos Full Rail H&K Sights FLX Cree Light Vortex Strike Fire 2 Trigger job - Polished Surface - Re profiled hammer Bolt - Polished - Re Profiled Bolt Carrier - Polished - Re Profiled - JT Guid Rod - Teflon Sleve Gas Blocked Ported Gas ports drilled to .078 (5/64) 3 Grove Gas Puck Carolina Shooters Supply Auto Plug Cranked all the way down. Still fails to feed 6 and 7.5 Loads Stove pipes with stock clip every 2-3 rounds... Reccomendations?
  9. I think pauly still owes alot of people money... I hope this just doenst stop now that alot of us are getting our parts back. Also Im very sorry for those of you that havent been contacted... I got very lucky.
  10. I got mine back nothing touched.... Everything was there but the MONEY. MFer
  11. Theres a package at my house from Oregon DOJ I havent been home yet but I'll let you know if I got all of the parts back that I sent in and if any work was done which I highly doubt but ill just be glad if all of the parts are there.
  12. Just got a Call My parts are on there way back... So sorry for the guys parts that she doenst have.... Ill post up as soon as I get my peices in.
  13. I just got a call myself. My understanding was that she will be working on sending the parts back and will continue to do so until he receives criminal charges. She said they had no need for the parts and had not reason to keep them and felt strongly about getting them back to who they belonged too. I was also instructed to get with my bank and get copies of the checks that I sent Pauly and send them to her as evidence. Why was Pauly taking more parts I just don't get that... Well i do i guess if you think about the cash involved. For a self proclaimed gun advocate he sure ha
  14. +1 I dont hate Pauly. I just want my stuff back. Love my rifle. And sent it it for the best to take care of it... And his work was good... Its everywhere. What a sad situation for all of us.. Pauly included. But this situation does need to be made right.
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