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  1. might be worth the wait , went to a gun show here in des moines yesterday ,found plenty of .22 lr for 100.00$ for 500 rnds a couple vendors had .22 lr for 50.00$ for 500 but they sold out immediatly . i lucked out found 500 rnds of cci mini mags , got it for 50.00 and thought i was lucky . people were buying the 100.00 $ bricks like crazy !
  2. P lang

    100 1081

    thats freakin awesome , ive been obsessing over one of these for a while now , have fun !
  3. i cant say if those were planted or not , but while my family and i were living just off base, "camp pendleton" in oceanside ca , i did find a used law rocket tube on a bluff near my home . stepdad wouldnt let me keep it ,he took it back on base and turned it in to whoever , probably eod , i dont know , wouldnt suprise me a bit if these got smuggled off base by somebody .
  4. he repaints the rock every year always diffrent but always honoring our vets. very cool !
  5. wheres part three , i was expecting him to start doing mag dumps , thats crazy cool .
  6. the only union that i know of that has a senority board is the teamster,s , trade unions do not work that way . first youre a apprentice , then a journeyman , and if you become a foreman its beacause youve demonstrated youre apptitude ,leadership along with good work ethics . however this isnt always the case, no matter what industry youre in you can always find at least one jackoff that made it to the top of theyre trade riding on the backs of others hard work .
  7. plus 1 on nailbomb , unless youre starting in mid or upper level management unions are the way to go for men and women who plan on making a living getting thier hands dirty in a blue collar workforce . youre single voice or opinion against the corporate machine will get you nothing besides fired . united with youre fellow workers you can collectively bargain for better working conditions and a higher standard of living for you and youre family . most naysayers are quick to point out union dues and they cry im not paying someone so i can work, on average union dues are around 30 to 40 dollars
  8. hey tim , ive been in the iron workers union for 19 years and welding in all positions is a huge part of my job . certifification in 6g is great , take the time to get all the certs you can , although any place you go will want to certify you on site , youre creds from youre school just get you in the door . with 6g a good place to start would be with youre local pipe fitters union , on average pipe fitters make 30 -40 an hour on thier check as well as another 40 -or so dollars in benifits ,insurence ,annuity ,pension and so on .really it all depends on how far you want to take it , you can g
  9. i used a contour roam mounted to the quad rail just even with the gas block , the contour quad rail mount works pretty well , but has room for improvement , it started to work itself loose after 5 or 6 rounds .
  10. sure , it,s way to easy , just cut youre raw meat into cubes , slices or however you like , fill a quart jar with the raw meat leaving 1" of head space between meat and lid , add 2 tablespoons of water and seal jar with new lid. fill pressure cooker to manufactures specs with water and cook at 10 lbs of pressure for 90 minutes , most people also add a cube of beef boullion or a couple spoons of theyre favorite bbq sauce along with the water . i also like like to add a sliced up pepper and garlic to the mix .
  11. we hunt with slugs , buckshot is illegal here , they dress out well , but hitting them in the rear quarters is really disapointing . the video quality really diminished after publishing to you tube and transfering here .
  12. I didnt get any big bucks this year but i got some cool video and plenty of venison for the grill and canning . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZgkERnc6wE&feature=g-hist
  13. bring on the rifled barrels , come on tony !!!!
  14. hey shooter , i also appreciate the info on e-cigs , i had been fumbleing around with them a bit , trying the cheapos from wal greens . i had no idea of the vast market on these things , since reading youre thread ive got set up with a e-go c-twist battery and several kanger clearomizers , still working on switching over 100% , but ive got some e-juice ordered that i,m hoping will take the place of my camels entirely , thanks again
  15. man i,d love to see tromix start manufacturing rifled barrels , will made a comment lastnight on sog when he was attempting to thread the barrel without a thread starter that he was about to screw up a 1000.00$ barrel , i for one wouldnt have a problem with that . but im guessing that,s wills price . and im not sure tony really wants to take the time to get terribly serious about producing them due to limited interest and so many other lucretive products that need attention ,at least thats what ive gathered from several other threads on this subject over the last couple years . but no doubt t
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